Carla van Raay


About Carla van Raay

Carla is the author of God’s Callgirl, the memoir that has captivated readers since 2004. This story of a life lived as a result of early childhood sexual abuse has now been followed by the superb Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide, based on a lifetime of learning what heals, what does not and why.

Over the decades Carla has taught children and adults. Recently she has taken up a challenge presented by Spirit, to write an online journaling course as a way for connecting deeply with self and Spirit. So far it is promising to be a game-changer in the field of online healing, using, as it does, humour, story, sound and colour as well as penetrating questions. The course is divided up into Modules, each designed to last for 8 weeks.  Journal writers choose the one that is most relevant to them that they want to work with. Email contact and mentoring sessions are built into the course, making the experience very personally engaging.

Journal writing is a skilful process if it is to be used as a tool for emotional healing and personal growth. Carla has deliberately put herself in the service of Spirit, and this has not been easy, since Spirit is never satisfied with second-best! Still, there is always room for improvement, and naturally improvements will be made over time as participants share how useful or not the Modules proved to be. During this time of adjustment, participants will be offered all kinds of bonuses, since we so much appreciate constructive feedback.

The course is due to start in February 2017. If you join the mailing list, you will certainly get to know about our progress! Our newsletters always contain valuable encouragements for your growth.

Carla has two daughters and four grandchildren, all living south of the city of Perth, Western Australia. The youngest ones are only three and six! The older ones now 18 and 21.

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