Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website.

Not much to look at just now: this website is being rebirthed to provide the service it is supposed to. Completion expected by early April.

In the meantime, here is a gift for you, a Sparkle of Hope that is also a quote from my new book.

It will make most sense to you if you’re in emotional turmoil right now:

Who you are meant to be is a person much more wise and loving than you would be without your hard experiences.’

The new book, Healing from Abuse, a practical spiritual guide, is a newer version of the one that has appeared here.

I am always ready to make improvements based on valid feedback.

The book will be available as an e-book and as a hard copy.

A new cover is being designed, and 10 Lessons based on the book as a choice for readers who want to start an intensive journey of healing.

So see you here again soon! Feel free in the meantime to ask questions and make comments.

Much healing and peace to you,




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