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Carla van Raay

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  What is my contribution to the world? What did I come here to do? What vision do I now have for the future? These are the questions that have followed me for an answer....
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Carla is the author of four books...each detailing her extraordinary journey. All books are available for purchase from either Amazon or Book Depository    


I am glad to connect with you here!

We are together on this planet at a time of tremendous upheaval - an extraordinary time for finding enlightened support for responding to inner challenges. You are now called to step up from the way it has always been for you, in order to fulfil a higher potential within you and hesitate no longer to be love in every moment.

I am now a teacher, having completed and ended a number of life cycles that had previously kept me on repeat.Wisdom is learning the lessons from life experiences, finally choosing love as the only thing worth doing (or teaching!). Understanding what love is, is the first wonderful learning!I invite you on board for the ride through all the illusions - mental definitions, physical memories, our stories and our assumptions – all the left-overs of a lives richly lived from which the essence now needs to be extracted - the old left behind for an entirely new level of living – in peace, in joy, in incredible appreciation, in compassion, and in faith of the work on the inner planes for the sake of humankind.

I came here as a catalyst for change - a Scorpio, an Activator, motivated to pass on what I have learnt with the help of so many wise others in order to eventually assist those who are a few steps behind.

I am the author of God’s Callgirl, the memoir that has captivated readers since 2004.

Three years later the autobiographical love story Desire, also called The Price of Passion was published. In May 2017 Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide was published by John Hunt in the UK under the Changemakers impression - a gently persuasive, highly practical little book for those who read with their heart-mind. All three books are available via Amazon and some online bookstores.

I have two daughters and four grandchildren, all living south of the city of Perth, Western Australia. The youngest ones are only three and six, the older ones now 18 and 21.

An online course Healing Through Journaling is being matured in the crucible of truth and love and will reach these pages before this page!

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May you always feel the blessings of a Benevolent Universe.


Healing through Journaling

Healing through Journaling is an 8-week online journaling program and so much more than just 'writing in your diary!' This program supports you in profound healing and transformation, and in:

· Connecting with the greatest love that exists

· Releasing the burdens you carry from your past

· Discovering an entirely new self and start living a new life!

This work only makes sense if your heart is open to receiving wisdom from your own Soul and Higher Self. From experience we realise the limitations of the thinking mind and therefore also the limitations of words. That is why we include heart-openers like meditations, music, colour, poetry and stories as well as questions – so make the most of these!

Our program launches in...​