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    • Dear Carla, I am almost finished God’s Call Girl and am amazed you are an amazing human being. I think this book should be used in the school syllabus world wide I believe its honest raw emotions will teach young girls a lot and also give huge confidence boosts and teaches life is for living. […]


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    • Hi Carla, Purchased your book @Gatwick Airport and read in Ireland. You are truly an amazing woman.To be so very truthful in your eventful life thus far, is a spiritual journey that many would not face in four lifetimes.I agree with you, in my humble opinion, sexuality is a sacred gift bestowed upon everyone. Freewill […]


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    • Namaste, Carla I treasure your book and will recommend it to clients I meet who were abused. I found it particularly inspiring because it not only is so genuine re feelings and experiences but it is also a ray of hope…..someone who has survived abused and can speak about it openly. You have gone a […]

      —Shalom Anne Gollan

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    • What an absolutely fascinating book. I am only half way through, and you are still a nun. What a terrible waste of a brilliant, incisive brain, that you should have had to live this lonely and artificial existence! What a book to stir the emotions! I have met many more prostitutes than I ought to […]

      —Anthony M

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    • Dear Carla, I’ve read both your books (God’s Callgirl and The Price of Passion) I was deeply touched by both. When you wrote about the time you confronted your devil I really felt where your coming from. I’m only 14 but I understand how desprate you felt. I understand all about pain, I was once […]


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    • Thank you Carla for your contribution to true healing for so many. I have just finished reading both books and commend you for your bravery, honesty and insight. Going where few dare to tread. I honour you.


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Welcome to a new way to live life!


Revelations of sexual abuse have been inundating the news of the world for some time now. We all know that in spite of the new openness, most abuse will stay unreported. I notice that the victims of abuse are not healed by revealing their secrets, although going public and breaking the silence of years will help to release some of the shame attached to what happened to them. I also notice that getting a financial payment does not necessarily heal a person. Of course this money can be used to pay for professional healing services, so necessary, but in itself a payment does not heal.

Healing from sexual abuse and from any other kind of abuse, is a journey of courage and of making decisions based on your yearning to be free to love again without fear, and free to fulfil your highest potential.

I recommend the book I was inspired to write for you. I ask you to read it and tell me how you feel after that. It is a book that needs re-reading several times if the ideas in it are new to you, or if some of the ideas are even offensive to you. The book is an inspiration to action, to making changes to your understanding, to your emotional self and to the way you live your life. You might need help with this, and the book even guides you how to choose carefully if you are looking for a trustworthy counsellor. Just as an aside: a counsellor in your vicinity who at least shares your time zone in the world is probably better suited to you than one that lives on the other side of the world, but that is simply a practical matter.

Healing from Sexual Abuse – An Emotional and Spiritual Journey will soon be accompanied by a series of classes designed to help you go more deeply into what is presented in each chapter of the book. The book is available as an ebook via this website for $12.99. Parts of it will be published on my Facebook page now and again. I will friend you if you send an invitation. Facebook Profile

Many blessings to all readers! The path of growth is the most exciting in the world! Nothing can compare with the lasting satisfaction of growing beyond your emotional limitations!