About Carla van Raay

Hi friends,

Many of you remember me from my memoir, God’s Callgirl, and some of you from Desire/The Price of Passion, a rather raw love story written in the heat of the moments. That was a while ago now.

The journey of healing from abuse that became a conscious quest from 1992 has continued and intensified since that time. I recognise that my life’s calling is to heal from abuse and share my experiences with others. It’s so simple to say that, and yet the healing journey is so involved, so colourful, rich and at times devastating, but always a blessing.

My most recent book contains the essence of the most precious thing to learn on a healing journey, and that is to become intimately loving with yourself. This means releasing all we have learnt in our defence of ourselves as victims; all we have built up in fear. So daunting! And so rewarding! I can’t tell you how wonderfully fulfilling that journey is – you have to experience it yourself.

All of us were abused in some ways. All of us have built up defences. All of us can grow. The book I have written is for those who feel this.

I was born in the Netherlands, came to Australia in 1950 and now live in Perth Western Australia. I am the mother of two daughters and grandmother of two sons and two daughters. My passion is healing, writing, growing flowers and vegies, and keeping healthy and vital. Connecting with others on a soul level is one of my greatest joys.

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