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I am glad to connect with you here!

We are together on this planet at a time of tremendous upheaval - an extraordinary time creating extraordinary challenges. Everyone on this planet is now called to step up from the way it has always been for them, in order to fulfill a higher potential.

Welcome to opportunities for meeting the particular challenges presented to you in these times of earth change to a higher vibration.

In years past, my life has been one of isolation; it is now becoming a life of connectedness, first to my own Centre, and in more recent years to colleagues and dear friends. I have been guided for seven years within a modern mystery school, and then answered a call to leave it in order to connect with those who are involved in social change.

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We are pleased to announce our new Journaling Course: an 8-week online program supporting you profoundly in healing and transformation. Learn and experience how to:

  • Connect with the greatest love that exists
  • Release the burdens you carry from your past
  • Uncover a bright new self and start living a new life!

Our Foundation 8-week Program 'Who Am I?'

During this work we teach you how to open your heart to receiving wisdom from your own Soul and Higher Self as you read, write and meditate. We realise the limitations of the thinking mind and therefore also the limitations of words, and we include heart-openers like meditations, music, colour, poetry and stories in addition to the questions we pose that you are not used to asking yourself – so make the most of all of these! The materials you receive during our courses are yours for the life of this program.

Who Am I?

And be quick this program launches on July 24th



Mini Lesson "Who Am I?"

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Healing from Abuse: A Practical Spiritual Guide

By Carla Van Raay

Healing from Abuse

Healing from Abuse: A Practical Spiritual Guide is a balm for the soul. The path of healing is awesome, yet the author, who has advanced along that very same journey herself, maintains that everyone who takes it up is somehow given the power and support to make a success out of it.

This book is presented as a part of that support and that empowerment. In its pages the reader is introduced and gradually made familiar with the Spirit of their inner being, the reality so easily ignored and yet so powerful once engaged. The Spirit Within is not confined to any religion - it is within all of us, whether we know it or not, and nothing we can do or experience can get rid of it. To heal means taking back the power to love and to received love, that great purpose worth living for. It is this love that will restore self-worth and self-esteem from the ground up and from the inside out.