About Carla van Raay

Hi friends,

A  bit about a wise old bird!  Since being born just before the start of World War II, enduring many baptisms of fire and rising up and out like the mythical phoenix, I now think of myself as a wise old owl. Grateful to be still alive and well, grateful to be of service, I enjoy nothing more than being able to leave a legacy that could be useful to others.

Min was a long journey through time. Yours need not be. If you know the lifetimes of confusion and suffering you could save yourself by using the wisdom of those who have solved the puzzles before you  – you would jump at the chance to do this. Nothing is predestined – the future need not be like the past – but for the present and future to change, you must change. That is the invitation. The stupendous opportunity while transformative light is being poured on to this planet.

Carpe diem! Seize the day!

About S. Indigo-Grace Taylor

Hello all,

A little about me!  My sense of purpose is to bring people back to inner peace through connection to Spirit and their innate wisdom.

Love is my motivation, which has led me to my passion of helping others on their soul journey. As a result, I completed a Counselling degree, undertook accredited training in Shamanic Energy Healing and am blessed with the gift from Spirit to receive psychic intuitive messages about your soul journey and the lessons you’re here to learn.

Over the years I began to notice counselling alone was not enough. It could bring clients awareness, understanding and even help change thinking and choose alternative behaviours which had a positive affect on their life. However, there was something missing, the deeper heart-felt sense of change. What I now know is that real change, at it’s core, is needed from the source of the issue. This invariably requires going into the feeling and even deeper into the energy of the experience. We all have a knowledge of the truth, and it’s from this often hidden place we can find the strength and courage to face our wounding and the patterns of behaviour we have adopted as coping mechanisms. This is the plane where lasting, life changing shifts occur. This is when you just know something has changed within you. From here true healing can be achieved.

I feel spiritually called to hold space and guide you through your journey, act as a conduit for Spirit healing, assisting you to connect with your own inner wisdom and Light, to access the gifts available to you as a result of healing, so you may help others from a place of empathy and compassion.


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