Meet Carla

Carla Van Raay

My life story is faithfully told in God's Callgirl - well, 64 years of it, at least! I am now nearing 80 and feel better than ever. That is something to be said for healing! 

The devastation of sexual abuse, together with emotional deprivation and physical abuse, topped with the shame and guilt engendered by my Catholic religion - another form of abuse - made me struggle to even keep a semblance of balance. 

Inner turmoil might not be visible to the outsider, but the one that suffers it, it is a kind of hell. The trouble is that you can get used to feeling this way, and become convinced it's your 'lot.' That's not true at all; in fact, the depth of your turmoil is an indicator of the depth of freedom you can experience! 

i was a good nun from the age of 18 to 30. From the age of 34 to 52 I was involved with the sex industry, taking breaks here and there and having a marriage, a relationship and two girl children in the meantime who are now quite grown up and both living in Perth, not far away from me. I have four grandchildren aged 4 to 22! 

​It is fair​ to say that I did a version of everything under the sun in my quest for healing, but nothing could shift that highly protected No-Go Zone until I knew myself to be eternal, infinite Being, playing out the role of Carla for this lifetime, and meeting the challenges she herself had chosen from before birth, as agreed with her Soul. 

​The insights I received are becoming more and more clear and relevant to me. I now live in a small unit in the suburbs of Perth where I continue to write. I have friendly neighbours and a few wonderful friends. My family live not far away. I feel inspired every day, and inspiring others ​ to accept the unconditional love of their own Soul is the greatest joy for me. 

Detoxing from heavy metals and from heavy thoughts go together. Respect for the body, mind and emotional self is part of self-loving. Your love and your joy are not just for yourself; it influences the entire mentality of the world for the better. 


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