Meet Carla

Carla Van Raay

Hi there. My work is a contribution to the healing of sexuality.

My entire life has been a preparation for this, and I do this work gladly, knowing from experience what it's like to miss having intimacy with myself and to live with the many other effects of abuse. I also know the clean joy and peace that comes with leaving all that behind with gratitude. 

I am a way-shower in the sense that I am able to show you how much greater you can be than the image and feeling you have of yourself right now. If you feel that you could live your sexuality more freely and with more heart, then I am here for you. If you are a sex worker wanting to leave the scene but are having trouble, talk to someone like me who's been there. And you might also have tried sex work at some stage and feel some effects of that still in your system. Don't hesitate to contact me. 

I am an author, mentor and speaker, gratefully connected to my Soul and loving spiritual guides and connected in compassionate and admiring oneness with all beings. I see beyond the limitations you might have placed on yourself, and the limitations you experience from others.

Love heals, but you first have to find out what love is. It isn't what you think it is!                               

Being mentored is putting yourself in the faster lane of personal growth. I assist you to make the most of your experiences and leave behind what doesn't serve you. Everything that you have experienced has served a purpose, and now you might choose to end destructive cycles. The energies of Light and Truth that are currently being poured onto our Planet are powerful invitations to enjoy having your whole self on board. If you feel a pull to step up but are hesitant to take those steps, or you feel resistance from the part of you that wants to stay the same, you might need help. Taking help makes it so much easier! 

Love to all my sisters and brothers who come to this page.

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