Meet Carla

Carla Van Raay

This is how I see my tasks:

To make good use of the unique understanding I have of the effects of sexual, religious and other kinds of abuse, having experienced them myself and having had time and opportunity to move beyond them. I am now nearing 80. Old enough to have done up some learning, and young enough to be useful!

To write books in my own peculiar style that stimulate the Inner Knowing of the reader, so that distant memories of truth can once more start resonatin, light up the mind and heart and allow change to happen. I delight in bringing readers out of their invisible, hidden, habitual assumptions about life and about themselves into the Light of Hey, it’s so beautiful here! I am beautiful and life is wonderful!

To make myself available as mentor for a few who are coming out of similar life situations as my own have been, namely abuse of all kinds, and prostitution of all kinds.

Perhaps some women and men can come to recognise how they might be prostituting themselves for a lifestyle, for acceptance, for power, and instead want to live for a higher ideal!

To connect, and create Connection. To find Collaborators who, like me, want to bring positive change to communities in effective, practical and lasting ways. To this end, to establish a THRIVING CENTRE in Perth that can act as a model for other places. This is a venture that once set up, is designed to be self-sustaining.

To see God’s Callgirl the book made into God’s Callgirl the Movie.

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