About Carla



I have come to the planet as a catalyst for change after doing the hard yards of growing up emotionally. I am a Scorpio, an Activator, motivated to pass on what I have learnt with the help of so many others before me, to those who are a few steps behind, until they overtake me (Yay! So much further to go, babies! Stretch out your hand to me in your next lifetime.) I am enjoying this creative process and the sober learning that comes with it for myself. I was given the distinct message that only what comes from the heart of truth and love is going to work!

My mission is to live what I teach in utmost sincerity and so be able to invite others to self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-love, based on identification with spiritual self. It is to demonstrate that the removal of judgment in favour of compassion is the way to successfully dissolve old patterns and welcome joy and lightness of being.

My vision is for a world I already see emerging, of people who are waking up to Who they really Are and know that only love can produce more love.

Consciously breathing love is my favourite spiritual practice – one that can be so easily and frequently performed!

I want to tell you briefly about my books and The Magic Light of Journaling Course, and you can go to the pages for more information.

I am the author of God’s Callgirl, the memoir that has captivated readers since 2004.

Three years later the autobiographical love story Desire, also called The Price of Passion was published. Both these books are available via Amazon and online bookstores.

In May 2016 Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide was published by John Hunt in the UK under the Changemakers impression. This small book is gently persuasive, highly practical and transformative.

I have two loved daughters and four grandchildren, all living south of the city of Perth, Western Australia. The youngest ones are only three and six, the older ones now 18 and 21.

Our first Journaling Course as part of Healing Through Journaling and The Magic Light of Journaling is being launched in June 2017!

Another book is on the way –  this time a fictional story…watch this page!

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May you feel the blessings of a Benevolent Universe.