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    • Dear Carla, I am almost finished God’s Call Girl and am amazed you are an amazing human being. I think this book should be used in the school syllabus world wide I believe its honest raw emotions will teach young girls a lot and also give huge confidence boosts and teaches life is for living. […]


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    • Hi Carla, Purchased your book @Gatwick Airport and read in Ireland. You are truly an amazing woman.To be so very truthful in your eventful life thus far, is a spiritual journey that many would not face in four lifetimes.I agree with you, in my humble opinion, sexuality is a sacred gift bestowed upon everyone. Freewill […]


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    • Namaste, Carla I treasure your book and will recommend it to clients I meet who were abused. I found it particularly inspiring because it not only is so genuine re feelings and experiences but it is also a ray of hope…..someone who has survived abused and can speak about it openly. You have gone a […]

      —Shalom Anne Gollan

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    • What an absolutely fascinating book. I am only half way through, and you are still a nun. What a terrible waste of a brilliant, incisive brain, that you should have had to live this lonely and artificial existence! What a book to stir the emotions! I have met many more prostitutes than I ought to […]

      —Anthony M

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    • Dear Carla, I’ve read both your books (God’s Callgirl and The Price of Passion) I was deeply touched by both. When you wrote about the time you confronted your devil I really felt where your coming from. I’m only 14 but I understand how desprate you felt. I understand all about pain, I was once […]


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    • Thank you Carla for your contribution to true healing for so many. I have just finished reading both books and commend you for your bravery, honesty and insight. Going where few dare to tread. I honour you.


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Awakening of God’s Woman

The original version of The Price of Passion, larger format and without the Epilogue but with 13 full colour photos.

This story is about sexual loving and about emotional and spiritual growing. It is told in the frankness of style that made Carla’s first book, God’s Callgirl a best-seller. As in the memoir, the reader will be able to identify with their own lives and selves as they get swept along this journey of life and self-discovery.

‘Available in most libraries across Australia’ Signed copies available from Carla. $30 includes postage within Australia, $40 elsewhere. Pick-up from Winthrop, WA without postage costs at $20 each.

Available from Amazon USA

There is now an Epilogue to Desire, for readers who want to know what happened next…



Dear carla,
Reading your wonderful book that I was guided to perfectly random…I’m already crying a lot…its touching me deeply…resonating deeply…only up to page 117…I just left a man…similar feeling…to him…and effect on me…really looking forward to curling up tonite and shedding some more tears…feeling you deeply in this book…and myself. Thank u…inspiring…I write poetry….Your book is poetry for me.
Much love,  Tanya, 2012

Hello Carla,
My name is Juliana . I am from Brazil, but I live in London, that’s where I read your book (The Price of Passion), actually, I bought the book, on my way to a trip to Israel, and I couldn´t stop reading. After finish my reading, I felt that I needed to share with you that experience. Even knowing that I didn’t read yet the other books, I feel happy for you, I think you are a very brave woman and I recognize your courage to write about your personal life with details , and share it with the whole world. Your book helped me in many ways, knowing how you lead with your life…I am a person with a few problems with relationships, even though I´m  still young (23), I had a long relationship , for more than 7 years, with someone that never gave me the respect and love that I deserve, and seeing your relationship with Aaron, how you two were dealing with the situations of life, how mature you and him are. I am very grateful, because in some way you made me be free from my ex boyfriend, you helped me to let it go. So I thank you.
And I really wish you all the best in your life!!
My congratulations, Carla, for being who you are. I will definitely read your other books, and I might write again in the near future.
Thank you again. Kind regards
Juliana Nov 2011

Hi Carla,
My name is Jenny.
I just finished your book “Desire” and am going to purchase “God’s Callgirl” tomorrow.
Your book has given me a completely different insight into LOVE and what it really means.
I am having a little tiff with my husband of 23 years at the moment and realise this needs to be resolved as soon as he walks in the door from work.
I could not put your book down and am proud that as a woman you shared so much with your readers.
Thank you for your time and the great read.
Jenny Feb 2012

Blessings Carla. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
with love,Judy
Nov 2011

Re Desire from Holland
Ik hoop dat ik in het nederlands naar je kan mailen.
Wat is lust een heerlijk boek om te lezen, zo echt!
Ik kom net terug van vakantie en heb de laatste 40 bladzijdes in het vliegtuig huilend uitgelezen. Hoe jullie (jij en aaron) mensen raken met de eerlijkheid en jullie pure manier van leven en schrijven is fantastisch! Ik mis jou en Aaron nu al.
Ben ontzettend benieuwd naar hoe het nu is tussen jou en Aaron, natuurlijk hoop ik stiekem dat jullie weer samen zullen zijn……Liefs

Antwoord for Rianne:
Lieve Rianne,
Nederlands kan ik beter lezen dan schrijven, maar het lukt.
Bedankt voor je leuke mailtje! Aaron vooral zal er blij mee zijn. Ik zal het vertalen and aan hem doorsturen.
Wij zijn geestelijk verbonden maar hij woont nogal ver weg en zo is het.
Hij is altijd welkom om bij mij op bezoek te komen. Dat gebeurt heel zeldzaam want we hebben nu ons iegen leven te leiden.
Echte lievde sterft nooit, en de onze ook niet!
Van harte een gelukkig leven toegewenst,Rianne,

Lieve Carla,
Je nederlands is nog erg goed hoor, bedankt voor je reactie.
Wat ontzettend bijzonder dit. Leuk om met je te mailen! Jij en Aaron zijn mn hele vakantie bij me geweest en dat was erg fijn.
Ik vind het ontzettend mooi om te hebben gelezen dat jullie op latere leeftijd (ben zelf 27) nog zulke gepassioneerde levens en verlangens naar elkaar hadden.  En inderdaad, echte liefde sterft nooit, daar zijn jullie het bewijs van!
Jullie ook een gelukkig leven verder!

Hello Carla,

I have just finished reading Desire – a book that had been residing on my bookshelf for some 12 months before I actually picked it up to read. I don’t even remember exactly where or when I purchased it, but did it hit a core with me when I finally began reading. I felt as though I could have been the person penning the words I was reading. I am 46 and at a stage in my life where I know what moves I need to make, but have too many obstacles at present to make them – a cop-out I know, but at least I’m aware that I’m copping out. I have an image of myself in my ‘old age’ having found peace and serenity in my life. I am happy with my ‘Self’ (though I still have a way to go), the one thing that saddens me is the thought that I will miss out on a relationship such as yours and Aarons. Your book has given me new hope that there may still be a chance for me. A chance to give of myself unreservedly, to love whole heartedly, to grow and heal and to have those gifts reciprocated from someone who is man enough to, not only let me, but encourage me to be the ‘whole’ woman I can be, without the jealousy, selfishness and insecurities. I am looking forward to embracing my Self more and more, and have started taking the steps I need to in order to achieve my goal with a renewed vigour and sense of urgency. My fingers fell on your book at exactly the right time in my life. Thank you for your beautiful story which has given me so much more than a short, electronic message could ever convey.

Warmest regards and wishes for you continuing Joy and Wellbeing,

Gorana, Australia 11/11/2010

Dear Carla

How true your book Desire was – how much it touched in me the parts not healed from the past relationship and how much a lover of truth we both are.

When 2 people don’t share the same love of truth all the way – the one who wants more honesty is still lonely! Yum. Being the same enneagram types your relationship issues touched deeper into my heart.

Love to you sweet one
Paru, 16/07/2010

Beste Carla,

Uw boek “Gods callgirl” heeft mij diep geraakt, niet omwille van een incest thema in mijn eigen leven maar door de absolute eerlijkheid die er uit straalt en het respect voor éénieder die er in voorkomt. Vorige week zag ik de film “Soeur Sourire”, een Vlaams-Franse productie gemaakt door de regisseur Stijn Coninx en er liepen veel parallellen tussen de “kloostertijd” van Jeanine Deckers en de uwe.

Ook heb ik ondertussen “Lust” gelezen wat mij zo mogelijk nog meer heeft geraakt omdat het zo duidelijk maakt hoe ingewikkeld en fragiel intieme relaties eigenlijk zijn, hoe moeilijk het is om in relatie te zijn en tegelijkertijd jezelf te blijven. Verder heb ik bewondering voor de manier waarop u sexualiteit in uw leven hebt geïntegreerd en hoe intens u het heeft beleefd want ik hoor ondanks mijn bijna 50 jaar toch nog meer tot de categorie van de ingeslapen Doornroosjes, al heb ik op dit moment wel een leuke partner…

Ik vond het wel een beetje vreemd dat de titel “Desire” in het Nederlands werd vertaald als “Lust”, wat eigenlijk toch wel een andere betekenis heeft en naar mijn gevoel ook niet is waar het boek over gaat.

Ik wens u veel succes bij wat u verder nog wil doen en bedank u voor zoveel eerlijkheid.

Vriendelijk groeten,

Linda, België 12/10/2010

Hallo Carla,

Wij zijn Theodore en Julia, een echtpaar uit Nederland.

We willen je graag even vertellen, dat we erg genoten hebben van de twee door jou geschreven boeken.

‘Lust’ hebben we net uit en vinden het jammer dat we het uit hebben. Voor jou behoort de hele story al tot het verleden, maar voor ons behoort het boek nog helemaal tot het heden. Je hebt ons enorm weten te boeien en te raken met jouw schrijfstijl en ontwikkelingen van jou en Aaron.

Wij persoonlijk hadden graag een happy end gezien voor jullie. Vooral omdat wij zelf samen zo gelukkig zijn, na vele levens waarin we, door wat voor reden dan ook, niet bij elkaar mochten zijn.

De boeken spraken ons ook zo aan, omdat je zo open over seks praat. Wij hebben al jaren een praktijk, waarin we werken volgens de Traditionele Chinese Geneeswijze en combineren dit met onze eigen energetische healingen.

Komt er nog een vervolg op ‘Lust’? Is er nog een vervolg met Aaron? Jammer dat er geen foto van hem in het boek stond.

Zou je willen weten wie we zijn, dan kun je op onze website kijken:

Hartelijke groeten,

Theodore en Julia, Nederland 29/12/2010

Hallo Carla,

Zopas las ik het boek “Lust”. Bepaalde gevoelens en vaststellingen die ik niet zo direkt onder woorden kon brengen heb jij helder beschreven. Mijn geest heb je alvast geraakt.


Nadine, Belgie 22/12/2010

Lieve Carla,vind je boek ‘lust’ een mooi, ontroerend en diepgaand liefdesverhaal; je hebt het prachtig omschreven! Net Gods Callgirl en verheug me erop het te lezen! Wens je alle goeds

Ineke, 30/09/2010

Lieve Carla,

Vind je boek ‘Lust’ een mooi, ontroerend en diepgaand liefdesverhaal; je hebt het prachtig omschreven! Net Gods Callgirl in de bieb gehaald en verheug me erop het te lezen!

Geweldig zoals jij over sex en liefde schrijft, met zoveel diepgang! Herken zoveel in je boek; ben met je meegegaan in de hoogtepunten en de dieptepunten! Wens je alle goeds! Lieve groeten.

Ineke, 19/09/2010

Gosh…where to start!? Thank you for your honesty in both books, and Aarons for allowing his part to be told…and now I have read the ‘Epilogue to Desire’ and cried once again. I could relate so much to ‘both’ of you at different times, in so much of the story, about myself and previous people I have been in a relationship with. I don’t actually believe there are many men who have the depth Aaron has, to want to explore the deep stuff (sorry don’t know how else to articulate that) with a women. I am deep. Probably too much for most/all men I have encountered….and one I loved ….the most I learnt from you is ‘‘I needed to come out of in-loveness to find my own Beloved’…. to understand that now……. your story made that so clear.

Best wishes always Carla.

Hi Carla,

I have just finished reading your book Desire.  What an amazing journey.  You are such an inspiration.  I too have suffered abuse as a child and have spent many years trying to clear myself thru EFT, voice dialogue etc.  Your story touched my heart and gave me so much hope. Inspirational doesn’t seem to say enough. I am now going to read your book god’s call girl. I thank you sincerely for all the work and sharing you do.  May your journey be filled with love and light.


Hi Carla,

I’m reading your book ‘Desire’ and finding it very helpful in putting some spiritual teachings I have received into practice. I’m trying to learn to stay in the moment and accept myself and all that is and your book is showing me how to do it in a practical sense.

A male reader

I am now reading The Price of Passion and can’t put it down. It is written with so much feeling and emotion that I have nothing but admiration for you and the way you have progressed in life. My issues in life have been similar to Aaron’s and not yours and I can see why he is who he is as it is me to a certain extent. The energies you have shared and still share heal the world on a day to day basis.

Thank you so much.

Dear Carla,

When I came home yesterday, I took a bath while I start reading your book. I didn’t stop reading before the water started to be freezing cold, and I had chattering teeth. In other words, I can by heart say, that I fell in love with the book.
A fan.

Dear Carla,

I have just read your book Desire, Awakening God’s Woman What an amazing story ! The honesty and integrity in your writing is inspirational.

Thank you so much for writing the book.

Kind Regards,
Denise H

Dear Carla

I’m not surprised that men are so supportive. I’m a man and I love it. Men have to read so much negative hostile crap from feminists about themselves these days that to read a genuine love story from a woman’s point of view is an extremely welcome change.

It’s occurred to me that you really ought to play up the controversial aspects of ‘The Price of Passion’. It could become the new ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover.’ Getting banned from the bookshop in your home town is a great place to start!

Lots of love from
Simon XXXX

The following from Nirmala, a spiritual teacher whose words are quoted in Desire’s chapter headings:

I have read a few chapters of your new book and I enjoy the freshness and directness of the story. Do not worry too much what others think as there are always some who will profoundly love your work and others with the opposite reaction. Nirmala

Just finished reading Gods Call Girl, just what I needed to read at this time in my life, It has been a tremendous help to still my mind and free me.

Naomi Jane M

I have just finished reading Desire and I want to say Thank you for sharing your story. I felt your heart speak to my heart. Thank you so much.