God’s Callgirl


God’s Callgirl

This is the book which instantly became a best seller in Australia and in the UK, and is now sold in nine countries: Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Portugal, Poland and Russia. In Germany, the title is Einmal Holle und Zuruck.

God’s Callgirl is a true story of how a Catholic girl first became a nun then a callgirl, four years after leaving the convent. She made those drastic life choices from a background of sexual abuse that lay in her subconscious awareness until it could no longer be denied. Carla’s journey of healing has been an inspiration to many thousands of readers.

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God’s Callgirl Readers’ Comments

Hi- I was in a convent in Kent and we used to meet the fcj novices from Broadstairs, in the mid 70’s. I’ve just read your book. Thanks for writing it, it’s been an eye opener.
Mary C (Facebook)

Hi Carla,
Your book was just so fascinating and brave. You have been on an incredible journey and its brought you to a place of peace, warmth, and contentment. I praise your strength of character, your determination and forgiveness of others. I cannot wait to read another one of your books.
Kind regards,
Briarne :)

Hi Carla,
I just wanted to say that I have just finished reading your book whilst on holiday in Bali.  I really enjoyed it and wanted to let you know. I could relate to it on many levels and loved your honesty and integrity. What a fascinating journey you have had so far.
Best wishes,
Clare WA April 2012

Blessings Carla. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
With love,
Judy Nov 2011

I would like to convey the thanks for healing message. It is to further inform U that I have gone through your books ‘Price of passion’ and ‘God’s Callgirl’, a fantastic passionating tremendously exciting deep rooted exploration which can be described only by one who has put forward guide lines and message full off vast libido to the extreme experience.
Ratan, Indonesia Oct 2011

Hi Carla
Not one minute ago did I finish your wonderful inspiring book ‘Gods Callgirl’ and i just had to write you and sincerely thank you for sharing your amazing book. I have been touched by your story and quite honestly I’m all teary!! In a great way!
Thank you thank you thank you!
Love and light to you Carla
Glores :-)
Jan 2012

I have just read your book “GODS CALLGIRL.” I have had a “difficult” childhood and your book was  so enlightening and riveting I could hardly put it down.ou are an amazing woman and what a life you have had!!!!
Take care you are an inspiration to all woman xxx Sylvie, Australia

Hi Carla
I have just read Gods Callgirl, and must say its struck a chord with me. I endured sexual abuse for a number of years. Then 2 years ago I decided to deal with it all through counselling:
[ a woman counsellor whom has truly been a beautiful gift] and finally I feel that I can breathe again…..that I no longer feel any shame within my psyche, that forgiveness has been what has freed me. And now I can start loving myself again…
Reading your book is what started me towards my own healing :-] It has played its part by opening up what couldn’t remain hidden anymore.
Thank you for finding the strength within, to write your journey…
Kindest regards
Tess Australia September 2011

Hi Carla.
Read most of your first book yesterday evening. Wow. I was lost for words more times than I can recall!
Thank you for what you have shared. I can’t begin to imagine the cost of such openness; and all the complexities regarding family and other relationships to which you allude.
I have four (small/young) daughters, so you can imagine the power what you wrote had for me.
And above all, I wanted to send you all good wishes, and a hope for you for the peace and joy that all the desires you write of were pointing towards; and also the promise of prayers (although I write that last point with hesitation as I would not want to offend you).

Dear Carla,
About a week ago I was going through my mother’s bookshelf to find something different to the thriller/fantasy fiction novels I was accustomed to when “Gods Callgirl” caught my attention. Ok, I picked it up and read the first 2 paragraphs or so and it was like my mind and body had travelled back some eras (I am 26).  The more pages I turned in the dead of midnight reading, the more I couldn’t fathom that I was allowed into someone’s most sacred and personal world, and it wasn’t even fiction!
It was all so touching and moving yet quite disturbing and witty.  A week later I have finished the book and Persephone was right in her foreword; I am one of many that will not forget Carla van Raay’s story in a hurry.  I’m not sure why but I felt I just needed to share my thoughts.
Celia xx

Hi, I’m part-way through your first book & find the story so engrossing & well written-just couldn’t resist sending my best wishes to you.
Chris F.UK

Hi Carla,
My name is Rachel and I’m 20. I read your book a while ago but I currently moved, and saw it – so I read it again. But this time it touched me in a way more significantly than before. Because I was raped in my sleep just over a year ago by a man I used to work with. You have inspired me so much and I am so grateful. You are full of love and I see myself in you and the way you write. Thanks Carla :)

Carla, I was one of your students at FCJ Benalla in the sixties. I remember you being a very caring and softly spoken nun and I had great admiration for you and looked forward to your classes as I felt you genuinely cared for your students however, I always felt a sadness in you and after reading God’s Callgirl the pieces fell into place.
Reading the book made me cry for you, what you suffered over the years is more than most could cope with. I am very happy to hear you are at peace now and wish you well with the rest of your life.

Dear Carla,
I have read your Gods Call girl again this month and have found so much more in it than when I read it the first time.  Through your courage which I mean you never gave up, you  found simple wisdom by adopting self acceptance and I think this is what I needed to learn this time I read the book.  I just want you to know that your story is (and hopefully) will always be reaching out to people.  Thank you Carla for being you and teaching people to be just them, whatever that might be.

Hi Carla,
I’m in the middle of reading ‘God’s Callgirl’. I’m Polish and was raised in a very catholic family (that’s why I’m a protestant now, lol). Could, and maybe should, write a book about it, too. Although Poland is very catholic and full of nuns, monks and priests (used to live next door to nuns) and I knew they have rules they have to obey and their way of living is totally peculiar, I didn’t realise how bad and hypocritical they can be. What’s the point of pretending otherwise? From 10 or more nuns who were living next door only one was approachable and nice to children playing outside (used to play and laugh with us and gave us sweets out of her pockets – maybe at the cost of later punishment behind closed doors), others never spoke, ran away or were right down rude. As a child, I could never understand that behaviour and I thought they were just freaks. Until one of them made an effort and explained some things. Still, I thought, they were strange and have strange ways of ‘serving God’ and being rude to children at the same time, just because they ask questions. ‘Great’ example. I always thought; they are from different planet… And it’s a disgrace they don’t change their ways despite of the pope’s encouraging.
We also have a family friend who is about to become a priest and is petrified by the hypocrisy, issues and agendas some priests have. He thought it’s all about God… so far, thankfully, he can rise above that, but it’s very hard.
Just wanted to say thank you for this book, there should be more testimonies like this so people are more aware what’s it all about and young girls and boys are not fooled.
But, as you know best, sometimes you need to go through things to learn and find yourself in life. And that’s a beautiful outcome and it’s never too late for it.
All the best!
Aleksandra Oct 2011

God’s Callgirl is an absolutely amazing book and I find it hard to do other things than reading it :) I take my time and pause to think about what I’ve just read, sometimes it’s hard to believe. If I was to become a nun, I would explode the next day, lol. I would go: ‘right girls, the way we do it is…’ and would be burned for heresy :)

Hi Carla! I recently completed the Hoffman Process partially because of you! I was on a retreat in Thailand and had bought your book at a second hand store. I was very interested in your story (although I am not a victim of sexual abuse) and in particular something resonated when you mention Hoffman as I had a lot of anger at my parents. In the same week I met an Australian guy. He heard me talking about my parents and said “There’s something you have to do, its called the Hoffman Process”. I said “what?! I just read about that!” I wanted to thank you so very much for sending me on my path to the Process it was an amazing experience (though hard) of love and light. I thanked you at our beautiful integration ceremony! I was able to release so much pain and anger and grief about my (living) parents and look forward to living a more loving life free from their patterns! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are well and it looks like you are doing amazing work. Blessings, love, light and gratitude.

Hi Carla, I almost finished your book: God’s Callgirl, and am heavily impressed!
Actually I bought your book because I lived in a convent (Poor Clares)  for 9 years myself, and just wrote my memories in a book published in May in Holland: Leven met de Beminde (‘Living with the Beloved’).
My experience was quite different then your terrible experience in the monastery, actually form me it was a very positive experience.
The funny thing is that my book has a lot in common when it comes to big life lessons. My biggest life lesson was also: to accept myself and life as I am/ as it comes! But thanks to God, I was able to learn that in the monastery, thank goodness monasteries have so much changed for the better!
Still, I cannot identify myself with the church anymore, for many reasons, and one of the most important is that it has the pretention that one cannot reach God without the intervention of the priests.
Thank you so much for your book, which is so brave and open and inspiring!
Agnes Holland

Mrs Carla,

I have read your true story, The God’s Call Girl. It makes me so sad because your true story often happens around us. It can happen for everyone and everywhere. I so proud of you that you can support everyone by reading that book. Mrs Carla, I hope the God bless you. May I know what’s your activities now? What will you do if you find people have experience the same as you in the past?


Fajar, Indonesia 13/03/2011

Having read all your published lies to yourself, I feel compelled to write to you. For one who claims to be at peace with self, your ego is beyond belief. Read Tolle, do some work with ego. I feel betrayed as a woman and ex prostitute and healer by your inane ego.

Deborah, Australia 21/12/2010

Dear Carla,

I just wanted to write a short thankyou for your wonderful book, God’s Call Girl.

I was brought up with a very religious (Christian) upbringing. I worked as a prostitute on and off for 18 years. I am now working with dementia residents of a nursing home. Working on a spiritual, physical and emotional level with them in this last stage of their lives.

You story has helped me immensely to give me self acceptance and love. Thankyou so much for telling your story. I found your book in the nursing home. The powers that be are amazing indeed.

Warm Hugs

Sandi, Australia 12/12/2010

I, by chance, picked up your book in a recent visit to Australia and wanted to tell you how very amazing I found it. Thank you

Chris, NZ 19/11/2010

Dear Carla!

My Respect and Thanks to You for living Your Life and writing Your Story.

It touched me deep inside. It was ever full of humanity and Love in all Your stations of Your Life and not a part of it was Dirty. The Love that You feel for Your Father as a child was so pure. Wow You are very honest to Yourself. And You always followed the Path of Your Soul.


Claus F, Germany 25/03/2010

Dear Carla,
Thank you so much for your e-mail.

Yes, emotions and memories have come up, lots of them suppressed, wanting to be acknowledged, and then released.

I have also noticed patterns of my own negative behaviour that I have never noticed before but have been there for years.

Since these patterns no longer serve me I am learning to replace them with more appropriate choices.

The meditation is perfect, on the mornings I wake up a little earlier to do this it is certainly well worth it!

My self esteem, value and assertiveness improved dramatically and immediately after the session with you.

I have noticed myself making choices where I am no longer a victim. I have almost been shocked and my new found assertiveness too!

This is wonderful and seems to be coming naturally to me now, something I have never been able to do for years.

I really feel like I am going through some major “renovations” in my life.

Thank you for being a part of the healing process.

I will be travelling for a while and will settle into Asia within the next few weeks.

Then I can arrange some Skype sessions with you.

Best regards,
Alia, 27/07/2010

Ik kwam je boek ‘toevallig’ tegen in de bibliotheek en heb het in één adem uitgelezen. Wat een bijzonder verhaal. Wat moedig om dit allemaal op te schrijven. Heel mooi.

Gods Callgirl…je brengt me helemaal terug in de tijd! Ook opgegroeid in een streng katholiek gezin in Limburg, als oudste van de zes. Het klinkt allemaal zo vertrouwd! Net begonnen met lezen, maar ik zal ook dit boek ‘verslinden’, je sleept me helemaal mee! Dank je Carla, voor dit delen!

Ineke, 12/10/2010

Beste Carla,

Uw boek “Gods callgirl” heeft mij diep geraakt, niet omwille van een incest thema in mijn eigen leven maar door de absolute eerlijkheid die er uit straalt en het respect voor éénieder die er in voorkomt. Vorige week zag ik de film “Soeur Sourire”, een Vlaams-Franse productie gemaakt door de regisseur Stijn Coninx en er liepen veel parallellen tussen de “kloostertijd” van Jeanine Deckers en de uwe.

Ook heb ik ondertussen “Lust” gelezen wat mij zo mogelijk nog meer heeft geraakt omdat het zo duidelijk maakt hoe ingewikkeld en fragiel intieme relaties eigenlijk zijn, hoe moeilijk het is om in relatie te zijn en tegelijkertijd jezelf te blijven. Verder heb ik bewondering voor de manier waarop u sexualiteit in uw leven hebt geïntegreerd en hoe intens u het heeft beleefd want ik hoor ondanks mijn bijna 50 jaar toch nog meer tot de categorie van de ingeslapen Doornroosjes, al heb ik op dit moment wel een leuke partner…

Ik vond het wel een beetje vreemd dat de titel “Desire” in het Nederlands werd vertaald als “Lust”, wat eigenlijk toch wel een andere betekenis heeft en naar mijn gevoel ook niet is waar het boek over gaat.

Ik wens u veel succes bij wat u verder nog wil doen en bedank u voor zoveel eerlijkheid.

Vriendelijk groeten,

Linda, België 12/10/2010

Gezien nog Engels nog Nederlands mijn moedertaal zijn was ik even in de war in welke taal ik zou reageren. Maar omdat ik u boek [sinds twee minuten week ik, dat er meer boeken van u bestaan… ;-)] in het Nederlands heb gelezen is het dus Nederlands.
Ik wil eigenlijk alleen bedanken, dat ik dit boek mocht lezen. – Het heeft mij diep geraakt en het heeft mij wat kracht gegeven ook verder op zoek naar me zelf en mijn ziel en mijn “binnenvrede” te gaan.

Ik ben begonnen het te lezen omdat ik als kind ook misbruikservaringen heb moeten meemaken en mar pas sinds twee jaar erover ben gaan praten [ik ben nu 37]. Ik heb dus heel veel dingen in u verhaal herkent en kon met u meeleven.


Groetjes uit het verre Duitsland, waar wij op het moment bijna australische zomer-temperaturen hebben ;-).

JÖRN 22/07/2010


I have just completed reading your book, God’s Call Girl. Initially I picked it off a shelf in a junk store and decided to pay the $3 for it just to read about a Nun becoming a sex worker. I couldn’t seem to put the book down. Being raised a Catholic and being taught by the Sisters of St Joseph in NZ during my formative years I was able to relate to a lot of the things that you wrote of in the first part of your book.

I finished the book this morning and I have only just stopped crying. I feel like the book was written especially for me. I have been married twice and in many short term relationships with many many women. I have been through the “Born Again Christian” experience and many other metaphysical experiences.

I am a 50 yr old male and although I am not very eloquent, I do want to say,

“Thank you”.
Darcy 14/07/2010

Dear Carla

I am almost finished God’s Call Girl and am amazed you are an amazing human being.

I think this book should be used in the school syllabus world wide I believe its honest raw emotions will teach young girls a lot and also give huge confidence boosts and teaches life is for living.

I am 27 I have been married to a man 17 yrs older than me for 8 yrs we have a 6 yr old boy who I love and adore but reading your book and all your adventures whether good or bad makes me realise I am wasting away being unhappy, for the sake of myself and my son I need to change that if you can get through all that I can move on with my son and give him a happy life (although I won’t be joining the nuns!).

It also made want to move to Oz.

Can’t wait to start The Price of Passion.

It was also great to put a face to the story.

Thank you
Toni x 11/07/2010

Hi Carla,

I’ve just completed your book “God’s Callgirl”, wow what a great read, you did a fantastic job, well done. It must have taken a lot of perseverance. I was inspired by your courage and honesty. And I must say not a little bit confronted by the sexual explicitness, and how you dealt with your life in the sex industry. I’m looking forward to our survey together to see what comes up for me in all that – I think I have some way to go in dealing with my own perceptions and attitudes about sex. I’m also dealing with my own stuff around intimacy. I am really striving to let from my heart, not my head.

The book was timely for me, I took a couple of days away from Perth and stayed in a bush cottage near Busselton – I needed to do some deep reflection of my own. I found your journey very similar to one I’m on, but I still have a way to go before I reach a place of inner peace and self-acceptance, but I’m working on it. Time by myself away from family and work was very cleansing and renewing.

Anyway, your book was a great resource for someone on their own journey. Thank you for sharing your story.

I look forward to doing the survey with you, how is it going by the way?


P.S. I’ve signed up for your newsletter, looking forward to reading those.

Tim 18/06/2010

Good morning Carla. (for you) good evening for me (that’s if the football wasn’t on of course)!!!! No Carla you do not know me. My family spent our main holiday in Gran Canaria in April I had finished a gripping fun novel too early and was bored senseless by the pool we visited a local Market and there was a charity bookstall I had a browse and damn it there was no English books then from the tattiest box the lady pulled out a book one she said….. Titled …. You’ve guessed it god’s callgirl!!!! Carla I couldn’t put it down….. It really really moved me life in a convent was or isn’t really what an expected I found that part really heavy…. My thoughts still on what I read and I couldn’t keep up with you at all. Ur girls I pray are so proud of you I’m sure despite your diverse careers!!!! I’m Reading well was reading another book but I’m still in the convent so a break for me….. Anyway I now see there a follow one so I will pick up that… I hope the sun shines on you always and when the time comes I know you have a place “upstairs” in a special corner for god’s girl!!!!! Best wishes Julie

I thought your FaceBook page might be like a fan/ web page … If it’s for only your previous friends I understand and apologise it’s just I was so moved I needed to make some contact . Never before have I felt the need I do hope it was ok with you Carla…. Sweet dreams until the morning……

Julie :-) 13/06/2010

Hi Carla

I wondered how you set your security settings on face book so that only your picture shows and not your friends or anything else until you OK someone as a friend. I have ticked friends only box but face book appears to still be showing my friends but not other information better but not the whole banana.

You are looking wonderful and I appreciate your discussions a lot. There seems to me a growth in the true Self or Innocence and you are able to express it better and better. This is what I was missing in the first book I found that pivotal moment understated and not explained well enough. With the second book the attention is really on that One and grows with each chapter. I want to tell you how much I appreciate this; that we share this Knowledge of who and what we are is a Glad tidings to me To say I appreciate your success or am glad of it is true but it is really the fulfilment of the Innocence that thrills my Heart and brings me closer to you despite time and distance.

Lynda, 1/06/2010

Hi Carla

Thank you for your reply – I felt honour to receive it. I actually live in Melbourne and very close to many of the places you mention. My husband and I came here to retire and be with my daughter. In England we ran a natural health centre for 15 years – me with my counselling and he as a healer/masseur/reflexologist. As healing in those days was considered a little strange – England is way behind the thinking here although catching up now (desperation certainly makes people change their attitudes!!).

If we think of all the time there has been and all the time that is to come the Divine (whatever you choose to call God) has chosen this time to grant each of us the opportunity to take up our choice to be here, being us. I believe that if He/She chose an individual soul to carry out that task then only that soul can do it. Only you ever could do the job of being Carla exploring through some amazing experiences exactly who you are. The same for each of us.

Sorry – I’m going on a bit but I am very passionate about people realising that this is the journey; this is the purpose of our life. Simply to find the purpose and discover the amazing, creative and personally powerful people we are. It is a time for women to let go all the stuff from centuries and honour themselves and each other. Like you, I believe in reincarnation and the whole process is a magical journey of discovery with the best prize ever the end of it- peace and love.

Well, maybe if you ever come over to Melbourne to do a talk or just a visit I might get the privilege of meeting up with you.

Stay well and loving life

Kind Regards
Jane xx, 25/05/2010

Hi Carla, Have finished reading your book. What an amazing achievement! I really have no words to say how truly inspired I am by you..! A lot of what I have read is really helping me. Also it’s very very hot here in the UK. Lovely. I love the sun as I was born in Zimbabwe, I moved to the UK when I was 15 so am really chuffed about the hot weather!

lol. xx
Kim, 22/05/2010

Hello Carla,
It was only last weekend at the local library in Batemans Bay that I first heard of you when I stumbled upon your book above on the library shelf. I can’t get it and you out of mind since then. Pleased to meet you.

Kind regards
Michelle, 17/04/2010

Dear Carla,

Just finished reading your Books Gods callgirl

It’s extremely touching and very good book.

Thanks so much.

You have a new respect from me. Writing this email

I am feeling a sensation (Not the sexual one).

I am honoured that I know someone like you.

Take Care Please

Prakash, 31/01/2010

“LOVE LOVE LOVED the book!

Thanks again for my signed copy, lots a luv xox”

Kate, 16/11/2009

I just finished reading ‘God’s Callgirl’. THANK YOU dearly for sharing your life with me and so many. Your life story touched me deeply like none before it. Your pure honesty and spirit took me on a journey I will never forget.

I wish MUCH HAPPINESS, JOY, LOVE and LIGHT on your continued journey.

Vanessa Young

I have just today finished reading your wonderful book “Gods Callgirl“, it has taken me eight months to get to the end, but what an incredible read.

Next month I will be 58, and although my childhood was different to yours, I too grew up feeling so many of the emotions that you write about so clearly and openly.I guess it’s different for a boy, and I got really good at putting up the strong, tough exterior, yet the little boy inside hurt like hell. I can empathise with so much that you write of, I know what it is like to work at trying to make sense of what seems completely senseless, and after many years hard work I too know the inner peace that comes from being happy with who and what I am. Finally throwing away that sabotage mentality.
I found your writing confronting, sometimes putting it aside for weeks before I felt comfortable continuing, I shed many tears, some for you, many for me. I cannot understand how people whom we trust and love unconditionally, can treat children the way they do. I like you, believe that they just do the best they can at the time.
I hope you don’t mind me writing like this, but I really wanted to thank you for your wonderful book, and thank you for so openly sharing your life’s journey.
Take care Carla.

I recommend that anyone wishing to gain some insight into the truly appalling potential for damage associated with such abuse, especially when set within the context of a restrictive religious upbringing, read the autobiography “God’s Callgirl” by Carla Van Raay (Harper Collins 2004). The account is not simply heartrending, but fortunately, also a glowing tribute to the capacity of the human spirit to survive and accept adversity in a non-judgmental way so as to achieve freedom and contentment.

Dr David Zentner

I literally just finished reading “God’s Callgirl” and I wanted to express my thanks to you for sharing such a moving story. I felt I could relate to a lot of what you were saying, particularly about feeling alone. I especially liked the quote “we do what we do until we don’t”. It struck a cord in me although at this stage I haven’t figured out why, but it felt positive! Thank you again.


Dear Miss van Raay, I have just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know I have never been so moved spiritually and mentally by ones story. You are a wonderful, gutsy lady and one to be admired. Stay Happy.


It is great that you overcame your problems and have found peace in your life and I sincerely hope that your life continues on in the same way.


I read your book over two nights – I found the story, the drama, the humour, the anguish, the sorrow, the triumph and the overwhelming realization that here was a person who had truly found herself, to be not only a wonderful read, but, now to have had the bonus of meeting you and knowing a little about the beautiful person you continue to be, that I have been privileged indeed.

My very best to you and I wish you continued success.

David Penglase

I have just completed your amazing book and want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you. That you would take so many personal risks of being judged by men and women; that you would be willing to go through all the pain again as you relived your ‘hell on earth’ that you would be willing to share so much of yourself that ordinarily women would not even tell their best friends is very special. You made paradigm-shifts that most do not make in a lifetime. I only hope that catharsis did come with recounting your story. If people think that you have ‘arrived’ it is understandable but I for one hope not and that you are still in process and always will be.

Jean Leenbruggen

I finished reading your book today (only took 2 days…couldn’t put it down!) and I need to say THANK YOU so much for writing it and sharing your life. God’s Callgirl touched my heart, made me cry and also made me laugh. It helped me face demons of my own and think seriously about life for the first time. It would take pages of e-mail to tell you why your book has had such a positive effect on me, but I believe you can understand without explanation. For the first time in years, I feel peaceful. Thank you so much Carla. I would like to give you a huge hug!


Good for you Carla! I have now finished your book and I think it was tremendously brave of you to write and publish such a story as well I thought the entire story was brilliant. Your book will bring so much peace of mind to so many. I am posting it to my Mum today, she was raised in an orphanage under similar treatment and now at 72 this is just what she needs to dispel any old demons. A few years ago I was having a personal crisis and one day while out mowing my lawn a thought popped in to my head which is my personal mantra now when ever I feel out of sorts…”You don’t have to fit in, you just have to fit yourself!” Now days I just paint my little heart out and wallow in my good fortune to be doing something I enjoy at long last.

You have a special place in my heart and thoughts. May your life be overflowing with people who love and adore you.

More warm hugs,


Thank you for exposing the collective ‘sin’ that we all share as Catholics. Even though we ‘lay’ people were not doing the abusing of children or young postulants and novices, we have to participate in helping open the ‘doors and windows’ to what went on ‘behind the walls’.

I commend you for bringing the light into a form of abuse that not many people, Catholic or not would be aware of. The story needed to be told and we have to be honest about our shortcomings and misguided use of power.

As a society we are more comfortable with hiding the truth than facing it. You have signaled the way.

The truth has been exposed, warts and all and then we can all acknowledge it, learn to forgive and then move on. Hopefully it can be a cleansing experience for all of us. ‘The truth will set you free’!

Thank you Carla for being a ‘beacon’ and helping to uncover a dark and unknown secret of the Church.


Thank you for being you… Fred Chatelain



Lieve Carla. Ik voel de behoefte om hier in zeer mooie bewoording te schrijven hoe ontzettend je boek me mijn ogen geopend heeft voor mijn eigen situatie. Maar je hebt waarschijnlijk al genoeg van die boodschappen vandaar dat ik het wil houden bij een korte  maar zeer welgemeende dank.
Jan 2012

Beste Carla.
Ik ben bezig jouw boek God’s Callgirl te lezen.
Ik ben lang niet klaar, maar voor mij is het een feest van herkenning, ik herken mezelf in dat kind die het geheim van misbruik met zich mee droeg.
Wat een opluchting is het mijzelf in iemand anders te kunnen herkennen.
Veel liefs

Ik heb net je bijzondere boek uit.Ik kan niet stoppen met huilen.Jou boek zat bij het nalaatschap van mijn zusje die zo ong 2 jaar geleden overleden is door een overdosis.en in de binnen kant van het boek was geschreven “Sta op en leef!!”
Wat een herkenning en ik wil je danken voor het herkenbare en voor mijn tranen? Carla dank je, wat een moedige krachtige vrouw ben je. Mvg Mieke


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