About Carla



What is my contribution to the world? What did I come here to do? What vision do I now have for the future?

These are the questions that have followed me for an answer.

My contribution is like everyone’s: a spiritual being coming to earth to experience what it’s like, and grow from the experiences.

Like everyone else, my contribution was and is unique. I am sure that nuns have become prostitutes in the past, many times, but not quite in the way that I did!

I came here to finish a number of cycles that had kept me on repeat for endless times. That’s what happens in unconscious reactivity and when fear is in charge instead of love. Wisdom is learning the lessons that lead to choosing love more and more as the only thing worth doing.

I also came here as a catalyst for change. I am a Scorpio, an Activator, motivated to pass on what I have learnt with the help of so many others, to those who are a few steps behind, until they overtake me (Yay! So much further to go, babies! Stretch out your hand to me in your next lifetime.) I am enjoying this creative process and the sober learning that comes with it for myself. I was given the distinct message that only what comes from the heart of truth and love would be acceptable for publication!

My vision is for a world I already see emerging in a world-wide movement by people who care for themselves, for their brothers and sisters and the environment, to stand up for the new kind of government and social order they want. We are at a critical stage nearing tipping points in many ways.

Anger alone is not enough. We need a vision of ourselves and the planet that is more broad than the social one. We need to know Who We Are and Who We All Are. We need to wake each other up through example and by carrying the Light of Beingness. This will tell us how to act and do.

Life for me right now is at once extremely rich in complexities and extremely simple. Consciously breathing love is one of my favourite ‘spiritual practices’ that can be so easily and frequently performed!

I am the author of God’s Callgirl, the memoir that has captivated readers since 2004.

Three years later the autobiographical love story Desire, also called The Price of Passion was published. Both these books are available via Amazon and online bookstores.

In May 2017 Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide was published by John Hunt in the UK under the Changemakers impression. This small book is based on the healing I experienced as a result of my co-operation with the Spirit Within. It is gently persuasive, highly practical and for those who read with their hearts, transformative.

I have two daughters and four grandchildren, all living south of the city of Perth, Western Australia. The youngest ones are only three and six, the older ones now 18 and 21.

A program named Healing Through Journaling is currently being matured in the crucible of truth and love and will reach these pages in due time.

Another book is on the way –  a fictional story…watch this page!

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May you feel the blessings of a Benevolent Universe.