Mentoring with Carla

You may need a guide for a time as you step up to grow. We are not expected to work on our own and make struggles out of our challenges. A helping hand from someone who has been where you are can be very encouraging.

As your Mentor I listen to you and guide you as much as possible to find your own  answers and solutions by asking the right questions. I might give you advice at times as well, when this seems right.

My promise to you is

  • To listen without judgment
  • to help you gain the clarity you seek
  • give you tools for clearing and maintaining your energy field  
  • guide you according to your particular needs and level of growth
  • be a support during times of difficulty
  • always respect and love you
  • encourage you to always respect and love yourself.

Whether you want to release some patterns that you have found difficult to shift, or whether you want to know how to integrate certain positive soul qualities, I am here to assist you with my experience and unequivocal support. 

“Suffering encourages evolution but nothing is complete without love”.
~ Shawn-Dee Scott

A Client’s experience:


As a sensual body worker, I needed a mentor who was open-minded and meet me where I was at. I needed a mentor who I could share the curves and kinks of an industry cloaked in shame and stigma. I needed answers to questions on a deeper level. After reading God's Callgirl, I knew I had to meet Carla.

I love her no-nonsense approach to tell it like it is and also finding light and humor during our chats have been really enjoyable. I find this rare authenticity, a breath of fresh air. These valuable insights have helped me make healthier choices with how I interact with my life and others, how I manage boundaries, maintain energy levels and look after myself in better ways.

Consistent self-care is necessary to anyone working in the sex industry, it can take its toll in many ways if not a priority. Carla has been an amazing resource to me. She has been someone I can trust to talk to, that is genuinely there to be of service to support others grow. I don't feel so alone. I am more accepting of where I am in my life. Guilt was weighing me down.

Thank you Carla for all that you are. I support your work and grateful for your story.


With Love, Kalea

Perth September 2017.


Here is how it works:

Talk with me for a little while first for free. I allow for 30 minutes.

Mentoring sessions can be arranged as a single session or as a series of six, twelve or more sessions. You save by arranging a series.

A session can be as short as half an hour or up to an hour and a half; the choice is yours. You will find that half an hour goes by very quickly, but if you prepare well by quieting your mind beforehand and having your questions ready, then it can still be very useful for you. A session only begins after our introductions are over. 

My fee (in Australian dollars) for half an hour is $60; $110 for an hour; $160 for an hour and a half.

Booking 6 weekly sessions in advance merits you a 10% discount. Because you are on a journey with me, I include email contact between sessions for those times when you feel you need extra support.

So to be clear: You can arrange for a series of 6 sessions and be given a discount of 10% on the total, whether you choose half-hour sessions, hour-long sessions or sessions for an hour and a half.

If you choose to upgrade to longer sessions, your plan starts again from the beginning. You can upgrade anytime. Downgrading is not recommended – choose wisely.

If you are contemplating a much longer mentoring experience, then we can make other arrangements. It is sometimes a very useful thing to decide on being mentored for 6 months instead of 6 weeks, or even longer. I will honor your true needs when your time with me is done.

Since Commitment is so important in the healing process, and so much resisted by the ego who always just wants to maintain the status quo, here follow two examples of commitment to yourself that might appeal to you.


I……………………………………………………………………………..commit myself unreservedly to freeing myself from anything that holds me back from completely honoring, loving and respecting myself.

I……………………………………………………………………………………..commit with all the determination I have in my heart to steadily allow more love and joy into my life, integrating more peace, wisdom and calm assurance.


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