Mentoring with Carla

You may need a guide for a time, as you step up to grow in awareness, in consciousness and especially in love. You are not expected to work on your own and make struggles out of your challenges.  Why not engage a helping hand from someone who has been where you are? 

My task as your Mentor is to skillfully guide you to as much as possible find your own answers, provide you with processes and support you as you use these and go through these. I may give you advice at times as well, when this seems right. 

My aims are help you gain the clarity you need; teach you how to clear your energy field and keep it clean and protected; guide you according to your particular needs and level of growth, always respect and love you and always encourage you to respect and love yourself.

Whether you want to release some patterns that you have found difficult to shift, or whether you want to know how to integrate certain qualities and new directions, I am here to assist you with my experience and unequivocal support.

How we would work together:

At first you might want to arrange for a single session of half an hour or longer. Mentoring sessions can be arranged as a series of six, twelve or more sessions. You save by arranging a series.

The length of a session can be as short as half an hour and up to an hour and a half - the choice is yours. You will find that half an hour goes by very quickly, but if you prepare well by quieting your mind beforehand and having your questions ready, then it can still be very useful for you. A session only begins after our introductions are over.

My fee for half an hour is $60 Australian dollars; $110 for an hour; $160 for an hour and a half.

Booking 6 weekly sessions in advance merits you a 10% discount. Because you are on a journey with me, I include email contact between sessions for those times when you feel you need extra support. You also receive a free gift: an e-copy of Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide. 

So to be clear: You can arrange for a series of 6 sessions and be given a discount of 10% on the total, whether you choose half-hour sessions, hour-long sessions or sessions for an hour and a half.

If you are contemplating a longer mentoring experience, then we can make other arrangements. It is sometimes very useful to decide on being mentored for 6 months instead of 6 weeks, or even longer.

​Commitment to yourself, to keep on keeping on, can be a problem because egos are just not interested in change! Awareness of resistance, and regular renewal of commitment is essential.  

Here follow two examples of commitment to yourself that might appeal to you.

I …………………………………………………………
commit myself unreservedly to freeing myself from anything that holds me back from
completely honouring, loving and respecting myself.

I  …………………………………………………………
commit with all the determination I have in my heart to steadily allow more love and joy
into my life, integrating more peace, wisdom and calm assurance.

Interested with mentoring with Carla?

If you're interested with "Mentoring with Carla", please forward your contact details along with your mobile number and we will be in touch.