Meet Carla

​Hello and welcome.

If you have read God's Callgirl you know the story of 64 years of my life, and it has been ​ quite a story. 

​You would have found it easy to identify yourself with Carla because of the frank revelations of emotions and thoughts that are so common to anyone who has been abused in any way - and who has not suffered some kind of abuse? 

​No-one is their story, however. I have matured quite a bit since the book was published in 2004 as I want steadily more out of life.  It is ​showing me how generous and magnificent it is. ​  

What hasn't changed but grown is my desire to be of service in the best way I can and have found this through writing and speaking.

​Exciting me most at the moment is project The Daily Bread offerings of Spiritual Insights, based on those deeper teachings of Jesus which have always escaped religion. 

​​As an ex-Catholic nun who was suddenly given a clear picture of what religion was about, I feel qualified to delve into those beliefs again and present much more empowering interpretations as well as entirely new thought. See the dedicated page for more information on this.

​I will eventually take the time to write a fictional hoot about convent life..!

 ​If you asked me what my wishes are I would say that one of them is for God's Callgirl to become published in Spain and in the Spanish speaking territories. In Germany it has been republished under the title Einmal Holle und Zurich, which translates as To Hell and Back. I have no idea why the original title wasn't preferred!  

Another wish is for the book to be made into a deep-impact movie. The topic of ​ sexual abuse is entwined with damaging Catholic beliefs. God's Callgirl The Movie would be based on the colourful story of healing from both.

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