Meet Carla

​Hello and welcome.

If you have read God's Callgirl you know the story of 64 years of my life, and it has been ​ quite a story. 

​You would have found it easy to identify yourself with Carla because of the frank revelations of emotions and thoughts that are so common to anyone who has been abused in any way - and who has not suffered some kind of abuse? 

​I​ am not my past, however, and have matured quite a bit since the book was published in 2004. I want steadily more out of life as it is ​showing me how generous and magnificent it is. Sometimes I am still slow to catch on.  

What hasn't changed but grown is my desire to be of service in the best way I can. ​I am still writing: blogs to be yet published; special reports on subjects I have widely researched and verified in my own life. ​The book Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide ​is no more; in its place comes ALL IS WELL - Heal Yourself and Your Life - a book that reflects the ​​​maturing process I have gone through in the last four years in particular. 

​I will eventually take the time to write a fictional hoot about convent life..!

I have one daughter whose children are only four and seven, and another who has an adult boy and girl - lucky to be a grandma twice over!

​Many of my friends are on Facebook and I love sharing wisdom re ageing healthily - quirky bits of information that can sometimes make a lot of difference. I love doing research on health of all kinds - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and putting that into practice. Lately, the Art of Allowing is taking centre stage in my attention.

My wish is for God's Callgirl to become published in Spain and in the USA. It has recently been republished in Germany under the title Einmal Holle und Zurich, which translates as To Helll and Back. I have no idea why the original title wasn't preferred!  

Below is an invitation for anyone who would like me to help them write their life story (or stories from their life). That would be such a great pleasure to me.

Your next step if you want to be mentored by Carla: Contact me via this form and you will receive a reply. ​