AGONY AUNT FOR SEX WORKERS – the Working Girl’s Page for finding answers

Did you read that correctly? Yes, you did.

Working Girls and Women can often feel alone. They work hard, and it’s not just hard on the body: it can be hard on the emotions as well. It’s too easy for a sex worker to shut down emotionally rather than work through them, and that affects emotional health and well being and eventually can affect physical health, because that’s how it works. 

It’s important to keep your spirits up – keep your goat and keep your inner smile. Keep liking yourself.

It also happens that when you feel good about yourself, you can do a better job and attract the kind of clients you prefer to spend your time with.

I know, because I’ve had the same experiences, and I know how the laws of attraction work in this way.

I’m here to make it easier.

I’m here to provide a listening ear that understands, because I’ve been there myself.


As a sex worker myself a couple of decades ago, having someone to talk to would have made all the difference to how I managed.  I wanted someone who listened to what went on that day or that week or that particular time – and maybe shed some light wherever it was needed as well. I wanted someone who didn’t judge and definitely wouldn’t try to convert me to religion. I never found that person, and I suffered.

I’m now old enough to have transformed my own experiences into wisdom and I’m a good listener. I also know some secrets that will help a girl or woman maintain equilibrium. I am familiar with working with energy, which means that I can teach a working girl to clear her energy field regularly and maintain it clean. Call it hygiene of the energy field – very important because it has a big effect on your emotions and on your physical body.

If you've had enough and it's time to stop and move on.

I’m not in the business of converting sex workers, although I am able and willing to fully support someone wanting to make a new start in life. When I was a sex worker and wanted to diversify, I found that I couldn’t. Some inner sabotage was holding me back. It took me years to square this, but it doesn’t need to take that long if you know the way. So I’m also here for when you feel it’s been enough and you want to clean up before you set out on your new journey.

I’m here to answer questions and provide guidance. YOU are the most important in your life, and you need to do the best you can for YOURSELF. 

I’m big on keeping a journal – will teach you how to do that effectively – a great tool as you’ll find out if you try.

Have a look at what you get and what you won’t get:


  • Someone to share situations and feelings with 
  • Get insights and different perspectives if that’s what’s wanted
  • Get assistance re dealing with emotions that have come up for you
  • Get practical advice if that’s what’s wanted
  • Find extra helpful ways to look after your physical body
  • Find ways to keep yourself emotionally up and balanced
  • Learn how to use a journal or diary to help you keep score of progress in an area decided on by yourself, get clear from recording your experiences about your best ways of working, and best ways of looking after yourself.
  • If you’re open to it – get in touch with your spiritual nature and inner guidance from that space.


  • We won’t make you feel like you’ve got to quit your job
  • We won’t try to convert you to a religion
  • We don’t have religious morals to guide you with – we have our own standards and encourage you to develop yours exactly as you want. 

Your next step

Get in contact with me and ask for more details.  The support I offer is for occasional contact but more usefully for regular contact. To see if we can work together on a regular basis, I offer half an hour’s chat with me free of charge. We can do this face to face or via Skype/Zoom, mobile phone.

Contact me no​w: 

info(at) or use the form on the Mentoring Page