Making Light of things

You know those friends of yours who refuse to sympathize when you want to ease your anxiety and instead of listening want to cheer you up? Yes…grrrrr…insensitive Neanderthals!  Well, I’m not talking about them or making light of them.

Your friends are well-intentioned but lacking in empathy, or the ability to feel what others are feeling. The reason for this is usually simple: the pain of others could remind them of the pain they have hidden deep within themselves, and they don’t want to have this memory and its associated emotional turmoil woken up and bothering them. Best to sit on it and on everyone else’s feelings as well. I know – I have been on the giving and the receiving end of this, before I allowed myself to howl and release.

Making light of things should be written like this: Making Light of things, with a capital L.

All things are actually made of light, since all is a form of energy, and energy in its pure form is light.

I should immediately add that the quality of Light is Love. The implication of this is enormously wide and interesting. In this short article, I am constrained to just mention some essential understandings and practices for promoting Light (ergo Love).

Since Einstein, we know much more about matter being energy and energy released produces light. Conversely, light can become condensed in matter.

Things, including our human bodies in our physical universe, are created by particles of atoms densely packed together and so low in vibration that they become ‘visible’ to a structure sharing their density, namely the eyes, and they become solid to the touch by anything else, such as a hand, on that same vibration. A being on the astral plane after death can see the physical through focus, but cannot touch – their bodies are no longer physical but astral, slightly finer stuff.

Can our physical eyes focus on any more than dense objects? No, they can’t, as they aren’t built for anything outside of a particular spectrum.  They are built for enabling dense humans to interact with one another as separate things, because before they became dense, they had no such clear delineation.  This doesn’t negate the experience we might have of seeing the astral bodies of people dear or important to us, or of ghosts, or of entities very interested in us for a time. We usually ‘see’ those with our ‘astral eyes’ still operative on our way out of the sleep state.  Of course you’ve also heard of the ‘Third Eye,’ which sees or senses super-naturally. This capability is actually working in many human beings and is made possible by the activation of the higher spiritual centres, symbolised by the health of the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain.

The Light of Creation in human body cells is condensed within each atom and within the sub-atomic particles held together by the force of electro-magnetism. There are trillions of those in each one of us.  Since the Atom Bomb and Nuclear Energy, we are familiar with the force of energy that can be released from atoms, and we can imagine the terrific amount of light energy contained in each human body.  No fear of anyone spontaneously disappearing into light any day soon, however, although it has occurred in history in recorded incidents called ‘spontaneous combustion’ for which science has no adequate explanation. The person I know through his book ,Mahatma I and II The I Am Presence, Brian Grattan, is the only person I know how embodied so much spiritual light that his body no longer could contain it. His book, by the way, is the most inspirational work I have ever come across.

Perhaps ‘enlightenment’ is the excitation of the light inherent in our bodies.  Perhaps spiritual light is  a higher vibration of this lower light and transforms it with its greater brightness through the raising of consciousness. The light in most humans is not naturally very bright – similar to us humans on the whole not being very bright. Brightness of the spiritual kind is brings with it the emotional intelligence of unconditional love, because Light and Love go together. It also brings with it ‘bright eyes’ or loving ones.

So here is the great conundrum: Spiritual Light and Love are the same thing, and the light we see with our eyes is a reflection of that and yet contains the same.  Just like a wave becomes a particle when it is observed in science, ordinary light acts as spiritual light when it is seen as such and the heart opens to it as such.

So how can we light up? How can we become more light-filled, life-force-filled, light-hearted and maintain brightness of Spirit?

There is ONE GREAT AND SIMPLE WAY that I want to share with you here.

This one extremely simple and highly effective way is: BREATHE IT IN!!

We are not generally aware that AIR is also composed of energy particles. And air contains LIGHT. It contains MORE THAN PHYSICAL LIGHT, IT CONTAINS ETHERIC LIGHT AS WELL. IT CONTAINS LIFE FORCE and is a form of LOVE!

How amazingly good is that! The Chinese have been aware of this throughout the centuries, and used the breath for energising and healing the body, and for fostering loving relationships.

The breath can also be used for lighting the heart and mind. All it takes is the intention that it do so as you consciously breathe. The operative word is CONSCIOUSLY. Many of us breathe shallowly and just take in enough life force to kick over. Engaging in walking uphill, in sports, in trampolising, forces more breath into the body, which is great, but with that, an added intention of breathing in Light, Life Force and Love, enhances all those exercises.

I’m not into sport, although I enjoy going for a walk and trampolising on my little round indoor trampoline. What I do in the early morning before I wash my face, even, is to go outside and face the rising sun. I stretch out my arms and welcome the Sun, to whom we owe all life on this planet and so it is my Father, and I greet and thank Mother Earth, for lending me my body. I greet the Life Force of the Sun’s light with joy and gratitude, and make sure I breathe in deeply at least ten times. The light penetrates my brain through my open or closed eyes. The Light, the Life Force, Love, is like a happy child, eager to play with me and do its bit to brighten my body, my brain, my heart, my soul, my day.

So there you are. Light. Air. More to it than you think.

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May you be ever more bright and shiny!

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