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…the key habit of mind that can’t be left out if you want peace of mind and true enjoyment of life.

Don’t put off being happy!

The dream that is our life can be filled with struggle where lots of things go ‘wrong’ and where people and yourself are ‘wrong’ as well, or we can choose a sweeter dream, filled with gentle kindness, and a glowing gratitude for an entirely new perspective.

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Hello, and thanks for being here! I’m Carla and I’m going to explain a few things to you about what forgiveness is and what this brand spanking new course on forgiveness is all about!

Forgiveness is the ability to give up the desire to punish the person who upsets you – when it comes to forgiving people, including the people you share your life with! The desire for revenge can be subtle or overt – either way it is destructive of love. Learning the generous habit of forgiving is not what ego tells us it is, however: it isn’t about giving in or being abused!

We hold grudges and grievances as if they were ways of protecting ourselves when actually the opposite is true!

Isn’t it true that most of the time we don’t even know how much we judge and complain inside? We were most likely not taught how to forgive, but it doesn’t come naturally, that’s why focussing on it is one of those necessary self-educational skills.

Are you in a phase of your life where you’ve broken up with someone, and you’re trying to get into a new relationship? What if you did that after having completely forgiven your last partner – not that that’s easy to do, but you learnt how to do that? Then you’d have a much better chance to create what you really want, instead of just repeating the old pattern, what tends to happen when you don’t forgive. Isn’t that a sort of cliché by now? Don’t forgive, and see yourself repeat the same old story even if you were sure it was going to be different this time?

I say, take the time to learn to forgive and start with a clean slate! Forgive all that there is to forgive – all the people in your past who hurt you, all the events in your life that you regret, and all you come across every day in life.

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Life becomes sweet when you forgive generously: and that’s the way to find happiness.

Father, may they learn forgiveness, for they know not what they do.” Did you notice how different those words are from “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do?” That is because Jesus knew very well that ‘the Father,’ God, does not judge in the first place and doesn’t forgive because He sees nothing to forgive! He only sees the One he loves.My take is that the churches have changed scripture in this case, as in some other signicant instances! Most of this happened at the Council of Nicea in the 4th Century.

Be that as it may, none of us are all that aware of what we do…

I am excited at the prospect of working with you through 100 Gentle Shifts in Forgiveness lessons! I am aware that at the level of mind, we are all interconnected, and what benefits one, benefits the whole of humankind. Learning to forgive has been my greatest gift to myself. I share my experiences with you as we learn together. The real teacher of this course is the Master Jesus, also our Elder Brother, who is far more than the poorly described character of the gospels. Among the things he said is this absolute truth: he said, “I will be with you till the end of time.” and he meant it. Time (and space) are illusions, as you will find out, and the Master Jesus is going to stay close until the last one of us is going to wake up from the hypnotic dream that is our life.

Is there someone in your life who needs your forgiveness? Bring that person to mind: what does that thought do to your body? Does your stomach lurch a little when you think back about what happened? Is it a galling memory? Then you can be sure that what you need to do to feel better is by learning to forgive in a genuine way. You might not have forgiven so far because you just don’t know how to.

We know that Jesus taught forgiveness. “Love your enemies,” he is quoted as saying. Love them? That goes a bit beyond ‘forgive them,’ doesn’t it? How do you get to love your enemies?

Forgiveness is my thing. Why not make it yours?

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Forgiveness Q n A.

What is this course about?

This course is about gradually heal the default ego-mind we are all sadled with, and live more from the split-off Christ-mind (you’ll get to know what that is) and so to heal the split mind. The emphasis is not on changing behaviour patterns; rather it’s about seeing and understand life and life’s happenings from a different perspective. Behaviour follows on naturally.

Who is it for?

It’s for you if you have had enough experience to realise that life is not as much fun as it could be. You have a suspicion that forgiveness might be a requisite for living a happy, contented life.

There is a certain feeling of ego-power in complaining, gossiping, blaming, accusing, getting revenge, retaliating, taing another’s reputation down, hurting somebody, snubbing someone, making a smart remark that cuts them down, laughing at them, ignoring them, or bullying them. This is the ego’s sickly reward, and its intention is not so much to get others hurt as to get you to feel guilty. Even when you pretend not to feel guilty, you know you do. In this course, you find out the reason for that, so if you’re interested in knowing what that is, you know that this course is for you!

What this course is not.

It’s not the same as the Christian take on it, and not exactly New Age, either, but you could see it as an advance on both, but sometimes also a complete turn-around of what these philosophies stand for! It is not based on the Bible, since in my very deeply considered opinion, the gospels do not give the whole story or even the true story of Jesus’s teachings, so we include more sources of information.

Who is the teacher of this course?

Although Carla is being used to deliver the 100 Gentle Shifts (and I enjoy the job very much!) it is the spirit of Jesus who teaches them, who knows how to bring the new ideas home to you. These teachings can take you all the way to the realisation of your (and everyone else’s) innate Innocence.

Some would call this course New Age – why do you say it’s not?

We use a lot of clear logic, although this logic is not based on Newtonian physics but rather on the deeper-going Quantum physics. Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton are two scientists who explain the true physics of reality very well. The ideas presented in this course are based on the underlying reality of all that is. It is not wishful thinking, and not a set of feel-good or acceptance of  half-truths.

How are the 100 Gentle Shifts delivered?

They are delivered via a membership platform, through which you receive one Gentle Shift lesson every few days. It is strongly recommended to get yourself a journaling book to record your answers to questions at the end of each lesson, and to take note of the recommended practice for the week. Journaling can also be done on your computer.


What’s in this course?

How easy is it to follow this course?

The answer depends on how much you want to get free from the ego-mind, which is the cause of all our troubles. The course goes against the grain of the default settings of ego-thinking. To some people this is scary but to others wildly exciting! We have the kindly Spirit and the presence of Jesus, and the more they are relied upon, the easier it will become to transition to a non-judgmental thought system.

Is there another question in your mind before we begin? If so, ask it via the Contact form. Your question may be what someone else wonders about as well, so go ahead and ask, only don’t ask for the contents of this course! That takes time to deliver over the weeks, one Lesson per week at a time.

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