Healing from Abuse: A Practical Spiritual Guide

Healing from Abuse: A Practical Spiritual Guide is a balm for the soul. The path of healing is awesome, yet the author, who has advanced along that very same journey herself, maintains that everyone who takes it up is somehow given the power and support to make a success out of it.

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Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide. Excerpt from pages 22,23,24 

What hampers us humans, especially when we have been abused, is that we become totally used to believing our emotions and that all we are is just our emotions, our thoughts and our body – our personality, in other words. Even our soul is forgotten. But the understanding of I AM is far, far bigger than body, mind, emotions and soul, and has existed from before forever.

As I said before, the soul experiences many, many lifetimes as it travels through eternity. Most people will not remember anything from their previous lifetime, but little children can sometimes remember if they are born into their previous family. To give you an example, I will tell you about my brother, David, who died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 18 and left a girlfriend pregnant. After this child was born, a boy, at age five he came to the house where David had lived, and ‘recognised’ his surroundings. When I was a big boy, he said to his astonished mother and grandparents, I used to live here, and I helped Opa (his grandfather then but the man who had been his father as an 18-year old) in the garden. He went on to describe several things they had done together and then said, I loved riding on a motorbike. I died on the road because my helmet was too heavy. This fact was established by the coroner and resulted in that particular helmet design being changed. 

Now that you know a bit more about the soul and the Spirit, let’s have a look at where the problems take hold.

Problems lie within these four entities – the body, the emotions, the mind and the soul. They have the problems – therefore they can’t solve the problems! That is why, when we ignore the Spirit in us or don’t engage it in some way, we cannot really totally heal.

On the other hand, when we put Spirit in the driver’s seat, then the mind, the emotions, the body and soul can all be directed by Spirit. Spirit is the source of all the healing feelings – feelings of self-love, self-esteem and self-worth, for instance. Our minds can only come up with shadows of these deeply healing feelings. In fact, our minds can only think these feelings! It’s impossible for our minds to grasp these feelings! So trying to mentally convince ourselves of our self-worth, etc is a hopeless task.

Now you know why we don’t heal just because we know things in our heads, or try to change a belief through the use of lots of affirmations. Transformation of problems needs to come from a completely different perspective, using a completely different energy, and then our other efforts, such as using affirmations, become much more effective.

The energy of Spirit is the energy of complete, unconditional Love and true Wisdom; the basis therefore of true self-esteem and true self-worth. A spark of Spirit resides in every human being as its true identity. However, it largely lies dormant in there until it is recognised, appreciated and called into play.

… Our great Spirit is pure Love and is entirely free of any criticism or judgment. The Spark of Spirit is present in the core of the human being no matter what a person will do to themselves or to others. But Spirit’s presence can be reduced to a mere flutter through a person choosing that which is not love, again and again. Whenever we choose love, the spark of eternal Spirit within us gets stronger. The aim of life is to bring the warmth of this Love into every part of our being and into every area of life. That is the transformation into Love because Spirit means Love.

So, now you have an inkling of the task in front of you, that it is to transform your fear into love. That’s not such a bad thing, is it? At this stage, of course, you might not know what love is. We might have to drop a few crazy concepts about what love is to get to the real thing. One thing you might as well take on board right now about what love is not: love is NOT EVER judgmental!

Let’s say it again: we are not human beings who occasionally have a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having the experience of being human. As spiritual beings we are eternal and as humans our time on this earth is a temporary experience, an experience to be repeated in other bodies, in other lifetimes. Our bodies are to be utterly respected for the role they play in bringing Spirit to earth.

Right now, how about feeling the place in your chest that is your heart centre? It’s not the place of your physical heart, but in the centre of your chest, the place that people point to when they say I am so and so. As you place your attention on this spot, breathe into it and feel it expanding. It’s quite a nice feeling.

There. You have just come across your first tool. You can use this one to remember Who you are, to become present with yourself, and to invite the awareness of Spirit to get stronger.  Spirit within, become strong!*

*Used with kind permission from The Cosmosis Mentoring Centre http://mysteryschool.net.au