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A 100 days of new food for thought!


ENLIGHTENING: The teachings we have taken on board unthinkingly​, upgraded 

UPLIFTING : The messages are all meant to fill us with wonder

PRACTICAL: The teachings of Jesus have the power to transform all our current systems on earth


​Not just Christianity, but the entire world as well as the earth is in crisis. I don't see that as a bad thing and I even see it as a necessary and exciting thing - without the break-down of the old, the new can't assert itself. 

​The new is totally exciting, and the youngsters of our day seem to be the ones catching the spirit! The new ones are coming in with a different consciousness, and they feel an urgent need to break through the constrictions of the systems they find themselves in. They want equality, they want education to be what it can be: a place where you learn to develop your natural talents, co-operatively. And so on...They have no time at all for a religion that tells them what to do, and actually is more concerned with telling them what not to do. They have a wisdom that they can trust but they still need wise older folks around them who would guide instead of stifle them or try to indoctrinate them. What a beautiful challenge we are facing! 

You are probably one of those older people, looking for a better way to practice a connection to God, as you call the Divine (as I also did - i was a nun for years!) There is a whole new way of understanding the workings of the Divine in our lives, and it is Jesus who leads the way again in what i am presenting here.

The messages of Jesus have been largely misunderstood, and I am being kind here, not accusing the Church of deliberatly obfuscating the real messages of Jesus, which could actually be the fact. After all, the Church, along with all the systems we have on the planet - health, education, politics - are motivated by power, control and money. Among all these, the one who controls the conscience of a people has the greatest possible power of control, and that is the Church, even those Churches who rebelled and became more lenient in one, more crazily strict in another.  ​

​Christianity's crisis is not just due to several recent scandals and more to be revealed. Those in charge are caught in a self-created predicament that keeps them treading in one spot without advancing: to admit wrong-doing will disillusion the faithful, but to deny it as long and as much as possible doesn't seem to work well anymore, either! I feel for Pope Francis, who appears to know much of what goes on and would change things if he could. I feel he's being controlled by the cardinals of the Curia, and that he is in a bind. After all, popes have been murdered for trying to bring in change, and I am not just talking about the middle ages! 

This presents a wonderful challenge to us: We are now obliged to think for ourselves instead of trusting those who have proved themselves unworthy of our trust.  We don't need to throw everything into the bin - that would be a pity. Christianity could have worked but its exclusively male hierarchy had allowed itself to be seduced since very early times to choose power over love, and deceptions over inconvenient truth. Just the choice of male exclusivity in its priesthood has been a serious betrayal of  the equality that Jesus stood for, and it's a wonder that this situation has been accepted for 2000 years now. 

It is a good time to ask ourselves what have we actually been taught all this time, from before the time people became literate, the time when the Church took advantage of that illiteracy?

What motivated the powers of the Church to join forces overtly and covertly with the political influences of their day throughout the centuries? How well did all that augur for the true messages of Jesus being taught? How much did the Church choose, instead, to teach what would create and strengthen control of people's minds?

Brute force has been applied through the persecution and killing of free thinkers, and when that didn't go down all that well anymore,  more sophisticated methods of manipulation were skillfully applied. What can be more compelling than control of the mind through instilling fear, guilt, shame, as well as love of false virtues such as being poor, celibacy as a statement of superiority, blind obedience to authority, and the rightfulness of male domination - the very things Jesus came to dismantle?

Even so, we have all been tainted by these teachings. They have formed the values within our society's systems and within our own thinking, and it is time to dismantle those things again, starting with personal habits of mind when it comes to religious belief. I propose first of all to take a a fresh look at what Jesus came to teach, and understanding the likely real reasons for his death and what the truth of his resurrection signified. In this series, the Slices of Insight as I have called them, have three characteristics:

1. A topic is brought forward for healing from its limited interpretations, for example, the meaning and effect of the death of Jesus - the crux of the matter perhaps, which could change everything. 

2. A new interpretation of gospels within and without the Bible, with the intention of getting to know Jesus better as the great, compassionate lover of humanity that he was and still is. 

3.​ How this new good news might have impact on your daily life.  

​I will occasionally include snippets from my own life and experience - both as a committed Catholic and a nun, and as an ever-growing free person since the age of 31.  


​A lot of new knowledge has come to light in the last few decades through the discovery of several documents, including other gospels, which were discarded by the early Christian Church as not suitable for inclusion in the New Testament. A treasure-trove of glimpses into how the early Christians thought and felt, and a much fuller picture emerges of Jesus, his life and teachings, and of the women disciples in his life. The Church appropriated them for translation, which took an enormous length of time, and even longer for another translation to be written which allowed for comparisons. Some of the books have never yet been translated at all, and are sitting on shelves in the Secreto Librario of the Vatican. 

​Never mind, because by now the human race has progressed in consciousness in such a way that many pure hearts have incarnated on this earth with the ability to channel truth directly from the great beings who once lived on this planet and are still with us: Mary Magdalen, John the Baptist, Mary mother of Jesus, and Jesus himself...The channelers speak and write a truth that grips the heart with its veracity. The Akashic Records are like a gigantic One Drive energetically containing  microcosmically faithful recordings of every word, feeling, thought and action that ever occurred plus the energetic quality of each of these. The much-respected Edgar Cayce was an early pioneer in the art and skill of accessing these Records. So much has passed us by in ages past that is now being offered to us again. The truth of our eternal spiritual nature is being brought home to us; the truth of Love as the basis of all of creation; the real reasons for our sufferings.  

​Even if you are just curious and have never been a Christian, the information available here is for your benefit. Jesus is not owned by Christianity and never was. His teaching is for everyone who wants to know who they are and who he is. 

Have you ever asked yourself:

What is ‘Christ Consciousness’? Why is Jesus called ‘the only Son of God’ in Catholic church teaching when he never claimed to be that? What’s the point of suffering and sacrifice? Does God punish? What exactly is Hell, Purgatory and Heaven – do they exist? What’s the real meaning of the Catholic Mass? Do we eat the body of Jesus and drink his blood in Communion? Is Confessing your sins to a priest a good thing to do? What about shame and guilt – do they help us stay in line? What’s wrong with the priesthood, that it produces so many abusive priests? Why does the Church say that priests have to be celibate? What is clericalism? How exactly did the Catholic Church begin? What is its history? Is the Bible ‘The Word of God’ or what? The vows that nuns and monks make: what’s the point of them? Why does the Church not allow women to be priests? All of these questions have answers

​THE DAILY BREAD - a 100 days of new food for thought

​You might ask, Who is Carla, to present such a course?

I am not the font of all knowledge – far from it. However, I have plumbed the depths of religion as a Catholic nun until the age of almost 31, when I left my community due to the stresses I was causing my sisters and myself with my progressive thinking. Thinking and discerning in congregations of sisters had suddenly been allowed after Vatican II, but the Order of nuns I belonged to thought that their Way of Perfection could not possibly be improved upon, and they resisted as long as they could to bring in required changes. 

​Six months after leaving I had an epiphany- not the kind St Paul had, but a revelation nevertheless. I was given the grace, that day in a church in Melbourne as I was praying the Stations of the Cross as penance for my confessed sins, to see through the game of Church manipulation that had played me so seriously and for so long. I laughed out loud, and wished I could tell the entire neighbourhood. I remember standing there, looking at the altar, wondering whether I would do a handstand on it or not. No, it wasn't worth the effort, I decided - the thought was good enough. 

​After that event, my naturally intelligent and very inquisitive mind came into play even more. I became passionatly interested in what the actual truth might be, because spirituality was still real to me - just religion wasn't. I launched into life with my inner compass as my guide. The inner self wasn't all that wise to begin with and for a long time I had no wise person to guide me. It was a fearless leap into discoving the truth for myself. I trod an unusual path as a result, but would not have it any other way. Every day I prayed and still pray for the truth, because without the truth I have nothing but illusion.

Even as a child I would ask questions and discovered that adults very seldom had the answers, and this encouraged me to find my own. That didn’t always result in wisdom, because what can a child’s mind reason without enough knowledge and experience? It's a different situation now that I am 80 with a lot of experience behind me, as well as having the gift of much free time to myself.

I spend quite a bit of my time happily expanding consciousness, still transforming remnants of old beliefs as they come to light. I like that phrase because it sums up a major aspect of what people do who want to ‘expand their consciousness.’ I take immense pleasure in researching - keeping b.s. antennae alert; reading, listening, meditating. I have a collection of some brilliantly inspired books, and regularly purchase others as I get to know about them. The Universe has a way of putting sources of information in my path that makes me smile with wonder and of course fills me with gratitude. I wait for signs that what I am thinking, feeling and doing is along the lines of truth, and over time it has become easier and easier to feel the clear certainty of a Yes! or a No!  Even so, it's up to you to check in with your soul (not your pre-programmed subconscious, mind you), to see whether what you are getting resonates with your own felt truth. All i do is remind you of what you already know: we all know all things but our focus determines what we become aware of. 

This 100-day Slices of Inspiration as The Daily Bread​ at first was 'The Healing of Christian Beliefs.' This came after a dream, in those early moments of waking, when information manages to come through. That is how I received the title of my first book, God’s Callgirl​. A friend of a friend, who was listening in on a phone call, suggested the title The Daily Bread, God bless her. I now feel inspired and full of joy to write and present it here: 


  • You will find that CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is so different from CHURCH CONSCIOUSNESS, it will blow your mind!
  • I will share parts of my own journey of growth with you, both from past awakenings and current. Waking up from once-invisible conditioning is a wondrous and ongoing process - a journey into new territory entirely worth the view.


​​ Introducing you to The Daily Bread 

Welcome! Here follow some essential thoughts by way of introduction. It will give you an idea of the style of things to follow. Each Slice invites you to ponder in a quiet heart space and, if you feel so inspired, to make a helpful comment. As you read any of this material and particularly the series of Insights, I recommend that you listen to some particularly good music - music that can wak​ up your soul awareness. 

To go within with a new understanding is the start of healing the trauma of two thousand years of misunderstandings, for even though the words of Jesus: The Kingdom of God is within you has been printed in black and white in every Bible​, the Churches have not told us about the implications of these revealing words and have emphasised lip-service prayers in favour of sitting quietly, eyes closed but inner eyes lifted up, with the heart also lifted up as if to receive rays of Light, just as sunlight streams into a room when a window is opened to it.

In spite of the recorded words of Jesus and the events from his life that have survived into the four gospels known to us, their interpretations have often been less than helpful. A lot has been left out and much has also been twisted to present a different meaning from an intended one that can be surmised from closer inspection.

The history of the Catholic Church is not common knowledge among Christians. Those who do know, have realised that many documents and gospels deemed dangerous to the spiritual/political authorities in the early Church, were deliberately left out, as well as deliberately destroyed via the Roman attacks on the great Library of Alexandria and its overflow, the Presidium. Several of these treasures ended up in the Vatican, where they have not yet seen the light of our day. If you are asking "Dangerous for what reason?" the answer is: Dangerous to those who desired control of the people's belief systems. 

The several Egyptian discoveries of officially discarded and even banned manuscripts and gospels which were circulating in the first three centuries, have provided a fuller picture for us to say the least. Among them are the Gospel of Mary Magdalen, of Thomas, of Peter and of Philip, and many other Gnostic writings.

​The Church has produced many mystics in spite of their religion – Hildegard of Bingen, Juliana of Norwich and Teresa of Avila to name just three of several, and we have our present-day mystic, Andrew Harvey, although his upbringing began in India, not in the West. What characterises each of them is a tremendous compassion and non-judgment, fiery love of Jesus and recognition of the Face of God in every human being.

​It is this fire which enabled me to extricate myself from the confines of Christianity over time, and now, from a new knowing, daily refreshed, to offer this ​100-DAY COURSE INTO EXPANDED THOUGHT AND FEELING.




  • Guilt – do away with it
  • ​Be less confused
  • ​Bring more Light in your entire system
  • More self-respect and true self-love
  • ​Be at home in your body
  • Breathe more easily
  • Develop Discernment in favour of judgment
  • Radiate peace
  • Feel loved, not judged
  • Learn to forgive, genuinely, without coercion for a moralistic standpoint
  • Find certainty in natural, true morality
  • Learn to trust yourself
  • Stop looking to outside authorities for approval of what you think, feel, believe and do
  • Stop being manipulated…
  • Become a conscious contributor to the Evolution of Love, by evolving your own understanding

During the course you can make comments and ask questions. These will be moderated, then posted at the end of each Insight so everyone can read them, as well as the answers to questions.


The cost in dollars was $79 AUD, now is just $​59 AUD (not USD) but your investment is also expected to be around 15 minutes of your daily time spent in quiet moments of reading and meditating. The rewards are incalculable.

The discounted amount appears from time to time. 

The current discount window is open until May 31st 2019, as an Introductory offer. 


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  • Q: Do you have a refund policy? A: No, the charge for this course has deliberately been set low so as to make it easily accessible to most people but is not large enough to cover the resulting administration costs. Instead, we have offered the the First Slice for free, so you can see if this is for you, although the content of this entire page would also give you a good idea.
  • Q: Why should we trust you? A: Don’t trust me but use your heart’s intuition at all times to feel out the truth of anyone or anything. I am a person who might be a few steps ahead of you in the quest for freedom from religious indoctrination, and I am simply passing on what I have discovered that is more expansive, joyful and very much more useful.
  • Q: Do you reference everything you write about? A: I like to reference important bits of information, and at other times invite you to do your own research if you find that this is necessary for you. That’s always a useful thing to do, provided you have your bs antennae up.

​Any other questions? Feel free to ask them by emailing me via this FORM.

May you walk in peace and in the awareness that you are immeasurably loved; that we live in a time of tremendous change, called to serve the evolution of Love and all that means to life on earth.