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On this page you will find a series of personal-insight articles, up to 20 pages long; wisdom created by living fearlessly and intensely for quite some time now. My long life started early with sexual, religious and emotional abuse, with physical abuse thrown in as well. I have written about this, and the healing journey I started, in God’s Callgirl. That Sacred Journey is far from ended, even at my age and I’m almost 80. However, I do have wisdom to share, and I share it in the open way I have shared my entire story. If you can learn something from my experiences and insights, you may feel this, and find yourself in what I write.

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Carla’s Worldview and Experience of Blessing: ​REDISCOVERING THE ART OF BLESSING 

Description: The practicalities and widespread benefits of the art and habit of blessing! 15 pages/5668words

Carla’s Worldview and Experience of Prostitution: INSIGHTS INTO PROSTITUTION

Description: I had many glimpses into prostitution in my time as a sex worker, (mostly in the 80’s) and I share my insights about what motivates prostitutes and their clients, as well as what are the emotional, physical and spiritual effects of sex work.

15 pages/7519 words

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