Mentoring for Life-Story Writers


Every life is filled with stories. Memories start to make more sense when they are revisited and written down. Why not write down what you have learnt along your way so that others can learn from your experiences?

So much of our life is hidden from others, yet in those events our wisdom has been forged. When we write down our experiences and the insights gained from them, the value can be shared.

Carla offers private coaching. This is done either face-to-face or online. During our initial free interview, I find out what you want to achieve and you ask me all the questions. I guide you to write your story so that it will have the content and impact that you want it to have. There is a lot of enjoyable work in this. When we come to an arrangement to work together, you decide how much time you want to spend on your project and how much time you want to pay me for. I charge $60 per hour in blocks of four hours. This is payable via Paypal and I help you with that simple process if you have not done so before. My paid time is spent talking with you, advising you, reading and editing your writing. We do the talking via Zoom or Skype and the rest via email. 

​Are you excited? Great! Let's work together as soon as possible. You either enjoy the experience or else you tell me you have changed your mind: I have a money-back guarantee during two weeks from our starting date.

Australian and International clients are accepted.

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