The aim of all my work

The aim of all my work (and play) is Divine Connection and identification with Divine Self. In my own experience this has been the core of healing and nothing really worked until this became my focus. Spiritual connection is a gradual process, which is speeded up quite a bit recently on account of the tremendous Light Energies pouring onto the planet now. We are meant to finally decide to  heal and move forward – the past is truly no longer here, and a truly bright future awaits.

Five kinds of services:

  1. Mentoring as Spiritual-Emotional Guidance for persons wishing to heal from abuse and/or from unhelpful religious conditioning.
  2. I make my personally signed hard copy books available by posting them.
  3. I enjoy meeting people and giving talks in and around Perth Western Australia about God’s Callgirl or any topic to do with sexual healing.
  4. I offer support to a person wishing to write their own memoir for the sake of their own healing and for their families.
  5. The Gifts of the Spirit are weekly Gifts you can sign up for. They are free

More about mentoring/guidance sessions:

I offer to work with a client on a personal one-on-one basis. This is about letting go the old, the sad and destructive, and boldly adopting the beauty and light of the new. I use appropriate processes for both the letting go and making the new part of your subconscious a daily reality. We work in a manner that is deep and safe.

I allow myself to be guided by Spirit, and do not believe in trying to change behaviour; the aim is rather to heal misperceptions by allowing the truth of you to surface. More beneficial behaviour naturally follows.

The truth of yourself is very powerful and its healing ability comes into play when you allow it. This is a time of rapid change because the planet needs humankind to wake up and move on with it to a higher dimension of being.

This is your challenge and your potential. An amazing future awaits you!

If you are interested in speaking to me further about mentoring/guidance, or any of my services, please head to my Contact page and reach out.

If you need to know more about me, head to my About Me page.

Please click here for an interview regarding Desire (the book) with Ken Roberts.

Testimonials from clients:

“Carla was recommended to me by a friend as a person who would be able to help me with some of my darker issues. Not only has Carla enabled me to deal with the problems I presented but I have regained a lot of my energy, which was often low. I have been relieved of a lot of feelings of responsibility for others and feel much stronger and clearer within myself.” ~ Janet G.

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