The Pendulum has been used over the centuries as a way of ‘divining what is true.’

I have numerous tales to tell of how the Pendulum has been of practical use to me. Here I want to describe the benefits YOU would receive as a student of Pendulum Know-How.

  • Hone your intuition.
  • Make wiser decisions than your every-day mind might make.
  • Support your common sense without your wishful thinking!
  • Get to know what might be impossible to guess.
  • Vastly increase the quality of your life.
  • By using it wisely, you can even be of occasional help to others, although it is not recommended to use it as a diagnostic tool for medical conditions of others.

Pendulum Know-How is a SKILL, but first of all it is an ART – the Art of connecting to the Wisdom of the Heart and Soul.

What is the Wisdom of the Heart?  Let me just say that through it, connection is made to all the wisdom in the Universe. Some may say that all information comes from The Akashic Records, where all thoughts, emotions, actions, achievements and facts are recorded and stored. The well-known medical psyhic, Edgar Cayce (17th Century) spoke aloud the diagnosis of a disease and the remedies for it, by consulting the Records. The Heart has access to The Akashic Records and more.

I would not use the Pendulum to diagnose another’s possible illnesses, and there are good reasons for that. However, it’s different when I use it for myself – that’s perfectly acceptable! And you can learn to do this, as well.

At present, my workshops are only in Perth and the number restricted to 6, so that I can give full attention to each participant. It is held once a month on a Sunday morning from 10 – noon, with a follow-up time the following Sunday. It’s a lot of fun! I have Pendulums to use and for sale.