Of Fisheries and Islands by Don Heather

By Don Heather

338 pages, with photos

An Old Timer’s Recollections

A book covering the colourful adventures of Don and Jean over several decades, it tells us much about what professional fishing was like before bureaucracy and advances in modern technology came along. Don writes with a droll sense of humour, sparing nothing in the telling. He and Jean live near Fremantle and are still passionate about fish. They can tell quality from the rest in a way you and I probably can’t.

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The back page tells you more about this book:

I have known Don and Jean for many years since their days on “Zora Anne” and was delighted that he decided to write about some of their exploits in the fishing industry, particularly as I had worked on Trawlers. His writing demonstrates his humour as he relates with great recall, the challenges, the bureaucracy, and the characters encountered.

Allan J Berling

“I’d been buying Don and Jean’s delicious fish for a while, when one day he told me the most extraordinary tale; he’d been trying for years to convince the Fremantle fishing fleet they were literally throwing valuable mullet roe away as fish bait. At last one skipper agreed to put some aside, and when Don and Jean transformed that cheap bait fish into a delicacy which had Sydney’s top chefs lining up for more, ‘suddenly the light went on.’ It was that quiet determination, plus dedication to quality and authenticity, that shines through in Don’s book, along with him being a great judge of character and having a fisherman’s ability to tell it like it was. It was one of The Herald’s most popular stories, and for months after, I was getting calls from people trying to get some of his exotic fish eggs; I’m sure the readers will find this autobiographic work similarly engaging.”

Steve Grant, Editor in Chief, The Fremantle Herald