Religious Abuse

The hidden problem trying to surface in awareness now.

Because our society’s rules are based on religious assumptions, religious abuse is subtle, hidden from view because it is implicit; woven into the fabric of life.  

It is possible to totally get used to this abuse; it’s like a background noise you take for granted because you’ve lived with it all your life, whether you have actually adopted a religion or not – religion is ubiquitous, in the air we breathe.

People who live in constant traffic noise, no matter how deafening, get used to it and act as if it didn’t exist. As a gross example of how this works I point out that children who get born into sex slavery know nothing else than this life and accept the lies they are told about being loved, about what is right and what is wrong. It is only the very brave who dare to act on the glimmer of truth that breaks through via the little pilot light in their souls.

So many of us are similarly hypnotized into accepting what is dished out to us as the only possibility in life. All the while the body, subconscious mind and Soul suffer. We were not meant to learn to live with constant stress, or with any stress. Stress is a signal for taking action – if we can recognize the signals in the first place. 

Religious abuse is clearly delineated for me. I acknowledge that religion has played an important role in the past in preserving social cohesion at a time when human consciousness was more cruel, more self-centered and more ignorant than it is now.

We are entering a new era, literally, in energy terms. Light that wasn’t previously available is now shining brightly. I am so glad to bring some of that Light down to earth for my brothers and sisters who have had enough of the judgmental ways of religion and now want to house in their souls the ways of  self-respect, self-worth, self-love, self-compassion based on innate equal value, and on innate innocence.  This fosters the wonderful, open-hearted ability to demonstrate inclusive respect, love and compassion for all.

“The God in me recognizes, loves and respects the God in you.”