Write Your Story Heal Your Life

A Journey taken at your own pace, with plenty of encouragement and sturdy support. 

An online writing activity for anyone in the English-speaking world

for the purpose of healing from any kind of abuse


  • You will begin to realise that healing is a matter of facing the truth of your life from more than one angle, celebrating the positive with gratitude and making conscious reconciliation with all aspects of it; all those involved, including yourself.
  • You can expect to feel lighter and more thankful and joyful as you progress into your story
  • You will connect to extremely helpful Sources of Healing Power and learn how to use these well.
  • You will steadily grow in self-confidence, self-love and self-esteem as you release all that is not of Love
  • You will be given some extra tools to help you along with this, that you may choose to use or not.
  • ​You will receive clear instructions for helpful short meditations and links to free meditations by Caroline Oceana Ryan and others
  • ​You will be given the opportunity to learn very useful and easy skill of Tapping, with examples you can follow along with
  • Techniques for energising the brain and all the chakras (links to Utube videos)


  • You write your story 1 – 2 pages at a time (350 – 600 words; you will be guided as to how to begin if you need help with this). It's not the quantity of your work but the honesty of it. It's not necessary to choose bad scenarios but you may feel guided to do that​. Whatever you write about will get clarification about what it meant in your life, how it is affecting you now, how to move forward from there.  
  • You send me what you have written
  • I read and comment with the sole aim of helping you journey into your memories and beyond them into healing. (Note: I do not critique or edit your work from a literary point of view) My aim is to return your work within 24 hours of receiving your notes.
  • I then send back your work with COMMENTS and QUESTIONS. The Comments are to provide you with Insight; the Questions are there for you to write answers to as best you can. You may feel resistance from the ego at crucial times because the ego likes to keep things the way they always were, and that’s understandable. Being aware of this will help you move past resistance and break into the new.
  • CONTACT ME and tell me briefly what you want to achieve or get over or move forward from,
  • I send you an acceptance note if I feel that I can be of assistance via this program.
  • You then send a payment with receipt number.
  • I acknowledge your payment and invite you to send in your pages. From there, the process is as above.

You keep writing your story, and writing answers to the questions, and when you are ready to submit more work ( 1 – 2 pages at a time) we continue as above. Your submission always should include new work apart from your answers.You can work as slowly or as fast as suits you, although it is recommended that you do not go beyond two weeks or you might very well lose momentum. Healing takes time; it cannot be rushed. The fee has been set to enable you to ideally submit on a weekly basis.


INTRODUCTORY UNTIL END OF 2018. However, anyone who begins before that time will not have their payment structure altered. 

I charge $20AUD ($16- $17USD) per submission, payable via Paypal.

New to Paypal?  It’s very easy to create a PP account if you don’t already have one. This can be linked to any existing bank account you have and payments will be withdrawn from that account. You don’t have to keep any funds in PP itself. Go to Paypal.com, choose Sign Up, Choose Personal Account…so easy. It’s free to sign up. Transfer fees are the business of your bank.

STEP ONE is to contact me on info@carlavanraay.com or via Facebook Messenger https://www.facebook.com/carla.vanraay