​To the newest (and probably my last) offering. 

Hi, you know me as the author of God’s Callgirl, not only a story of healing from sexual abuse but also from religious indoctrinations. 

​I am offering a series of Insights on religion designed to light up your understanding of how it can be a doorway to something greater. 

​Even if you’re not into religion you will discover that living in a Christian society as we do, each one of us has been programmed to a degree we are not aware of until we start seeing. 

​I invite thinking people to join me in waking up our awareness, with the intention of becoming a greater force for good for yourself, your family and your larger world. 

​Awareness creates the power of choice. Unawareness keeps us in the grip of the old. The world and the earth need our eyes to be open! 

​Explore The Daily Bread Page (yes, a take on a religious term – my apologies for that!) and forgive the general state of my website in other parts for now.