Teaching Forgiveness is my thing!


Your happiness depends on it.

From easy to harder to hardest, FREE YOURSELF FROM ALL THOSE WHO HURT YOU.  Law of Nature: No freedom for you until you do!

Forgiving yourself, others, God and Life, is a process for defeating the limitations which the ego has desperately tried to impose on you. FORGIVING is hard to do…until you know how, and you will set yourself free and gain the great treasure of peace of mind.

LEARN TO FORGIVE NO MATTER WHAT. This skill will serve you for the rest of your lifetime and possibly eliminate the need to repeat lifetimes of the same troubles returning. Why? Because lessons, once learnt well, won’t be needed anymore!

Your possible question: Is this based on religious beliefs? Answer: No, it is based on a loving spiritual reality, which is somewhat different.

My questions to you: Have you had enough of being energetically tied in a negative way to life’s benevolence? And what about that most difficult of all things to do: forgiving yourself – do you want to be free from guilt?

Question you might have: Carla, what is your experience in this? My answer: Those who have read my memoir, God’s Callgirl, would know that some people and events once impossible for me to forgive, are now only remembered with gratitude for the opportunities they have given me to grow. I am acutely attuned to what needs to be forgiven as I go through my day and don’t waste time in setting my mind straight. I have energy freed up for appreciating everything life has to offer. And I am thrilled  to present a course of healing to those who want it!

More questions for you: Have you tried to forgive but um, it didn’t actually work? You’re reserving judgment and you’re still not happy? Or did you try to find freedom by avoiding people, maybe rejecting, condemning, hating or judging them, while telling yourself that this is necessary for your self-esteem? Do you believe that judgment prevents you from being a doormat, and similar ideas which haven’t worked to make your heart sing?

True forgiveness is not what you suspect it is.

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