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HEAL from Abuse NOW

You are loved; all is well. When you have this under your skin, you are healed.

This is a different time than yesterday. The opportunities fo​r healing have opened even wider since you started reading this.

And HEALING is not as difficult as you have imagined.

Imagine being able to use Light as your Healing Source, and that Light is all around you! 

That is using imagination at its best, although we are not talking imagination here but TRUTH. 

Light Energy is the stuff of the Universe, as Science well knows. Science, however, is not aware of the qualities of this Light, which is Love and the spectrum that Love emanates from its Centre: Benevolence, Creativity, Beauty, Harmony, Peace...

A simple exercise for Healing is to take minutes several times during your day to BREATHE IN THIS HEALING LIGHT. 

From there, cradled in the Light of Love as you have always been, you can start the journey of self-acceptance, of acknowledging all emotions as yours to own, accept, forgive, and finally love. Forgive life, my friends, because it carries such gifts within the healing of our abuses endured and committed. 

It is the broken-hearted among us that end up healing the world – Rob Morris, and quoted on the flyleaf of Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide.

Wishing you joy of heart and courage to begin your healing and stay on the path,



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Healing from Abuse: a practical spiritual guide

Healing from Abuse

Healing from Abuse: A Practical Spiritual Guide is a balm for the soul. The path of healing is awesome, yet the author, who has advanced along that very same journey herself, maintains that everyone who takes it up is somehow given the power and support to make a success out of it.

This book is presented as a part of that support and that empowerment. In its pages the reader is introduced and gradually made familiar with the Spirit of their inner being, the reality so easily ignored and yet so powerful once engaged. The Spirit Within is not confined to any religion - it is within all of us, whether we know it or not, and nothing we can do or experience can get rid of it. To heal means taking back the power to love and to received love, that great purpose worth living for. It is this love that will restore self-worth and self-esteem from the ground up and from the inside out.