Learning to forgive is essential to Peace of Mind,

And what could be more important than Peace of Mind?
Carla Van Raay


Everyone feels a sense of guilt even if only dimly aware of it.

It pays to learn to forgive, because forgiveness does not come naturally.

Without knowing how to forgive, we don’t have peace of mind, that treasure from which good fortune of all kinds can freely flow. 

In my Catholic past, I forgave so as to get God back on my side and I wasn’t all that confident that it even worked! I felt so much guilt that deep down I thought it’d be impossible for God to forgive me if He really knew me.

That’s a tortuous condition to be in, one I lived from the age of six when a particularly harsh experience of abuse made me think I was totally wicked and unforgiveable. The desolation of this emotional stance is severe but not all that rare among us humans. Covering it up does nothing to heal it.

About Christian teachings

Christians teachings about forgiveness, I’m very sad to say, are inadequate, and not based on spiritual understandings. Without these understandings from the forgotten or hidden teachings of Jesus, forgiveness flounders in shallow waters. It is, of course, at all times possible for a person to go beyond the dependency on Church teachings to rise above unforgiveness, since the Spirit knows no boundaries set by rules and rituals. But perhaps you need a gentle guidance of some kind.

Forgiveness of other people, of ourselves and of life is based on spiritual realities currently missing from the Christian lexicon. The Catholic religion I lived myself as a nun (which is why I know it so well) has crippled many a mind with the short-comings of its teachings, and that is mildly put, because the crippling of minds is no small matter.

The Church’s teaching of original sin is a serious twist on the real story. It’s a big relief to learn a bit about our true history and the power of our minds as created by God.

To be able to freely forgive is to be able to freely love life, other people, the earth and self. Guilt is like a dam holding all that back. Worse than that: guilt tends to re-create whatever made it in the first place. It creates hell on earth.

In a world of egos, true forgiveness is a miracle of grace not denied anyone: miracles that give us new happiness and new ability to love and experience being loved.

Why I am teaching this and writing about it.

I am an old soul and have been given much. It’s my turn to help my younger brothers and sisters on the path.

What I offer.

I offer one on one sessions of exploration toward forgiveness. It doesn’t matter what the situation is as long as you are fully committed to your freedom and happiness.

I am writing a compilation of essays, stories and poems under the title of Saving Jesus from Christianity. It is already seven years in the making and part of my contribution to Forgiveness Consciousness if you like to call it that.

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Carla, April 2024.


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