An education I was educated by nuns from the age of two-and-a-half at a Montessori school in Tilburg, The Netherlands, followed by a few years in the Catholic school of a parish called Our Lady of Good Counsel. Having arrived in Melbourne, primary school education continued via the FCJ nuns at the parish school serendipitously called Our Lady of Good Counsel!

Since my father became the head gardener at the convent of the FCJ’s, (the Faithful Companions of Jesus then stationed in Kew, the same order of nuns taught me at the Ladies’ College in Vaucluse, Richmond. I made it to Year 11, but by then I had started to get nightmares about continuing on, since I was already 18 by then and more than extremely bored.I applied to become a nun with the same Order that had taught me and continued my education with them at Sedgley Park College, Manchester, UK for a three years of teacher-training.

Back in Australia in 1965, I taught for 4 years. Altogether I lasted 12 and a half years as an FCJ, changing from model nun to one who wanted to implement the changes brought about by  Vatican II before anyone else was ready for them. After two years of excruciating pain for both myself and my sisters, I left in 1969.

At one stage I attempted to gain a university degree, but dropped our midway as a protest to rote learning which I have sometimes regretted because of the door-opening value of certificates, but my life would perhaps not have been as creative as it has turned out to be.

After a failed marriage, in spite of the birth of a lovely daughter, I turned to being a callgirl in the sex industry. This is a long story, well told in my book, God’s Callgirl.

During that time, it dawned on me that I needed to heal my past, so I ventured out on too many healing courses, counselling, breathwork sessions, life regressions, listening to gurus, exploring other belief systems etc to mention, including a 3-month trip to the USA to find healing there. I spent all my money on this quest.  Then, in 1999, I spent 2 weeks with Byron Katie doing The Work in The Netherlands, and this is where I found freedom from my stories – at last!

My working life I taught full time and part time for several years, held groups at my home for metaphysical studies and wrote a regular newsletter, which was, in those days, posted to members.Writing has always been my main passion, although the memoir finally published in 2004 took 15 years to complete. It was followed by other books, and I am currently writing to complete what is probably a series of booklets under the title Saving Jesus from Christianity.

I was an excellent student of Swedish Massage, which I used well during my years as a callgirl. Eventually I taught it as well – a massive job which demanded lugging massage tables to the venue!

In 2010 I completed Cert IV in Mentoring with the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre. I did not immediately offer sessions with clients as I felt I needed to mature further before being able to do a good job.

At one time I became a full-time cleaner of houses, using my body in a way I enjoyed, creating order in my clients’ homes.

Lately I welcome clients to have sessions with me, based on The Work of Byron Katie. For you if feel absolutely committed to learn to choose love and forgiveness.

What really counts

In the end the only questions that will be asked of me and of all of us will be: How much did you love? How much more love is there on the planet because you were here?


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