If you have read God’s Callgirl you know about 64 years of my life. It was quite a story. Now 83, I have matured since those turbulent times.

​You would have found it easy to identify yourself with Carla because her emotions and thoughts are so common to anyone who has been abused in any way – and who has not suffered some kind of abuse?

No-one is their story, however.

I had come on this earth with the mission to experience both sexual and religious abuse in order to heal from the deeply disturbing patterns of both and then be able to assist others. I generously share the insights I have received with readers via my writing.

For the last two years I have been inspired to write on what seemed to be a completely new topic: Saving Jesus from Christianity. However, it is turning out to present a review of every belief we humans struggle under that undermine forgiveness. I had no idea at first how many there are!

I feel that Jesus has been misrepresented by what has been allowed to survive in the New Testament and what has been added. The stories need to be revisited, because they are magnificent.

Education and work:

I was educated by nuns from the age of two-and-a-half at aMontessori school in Tilburg, The Netherlands. By the FCJ nuns at the parish school of Deepdene, Melbourne, Australia, then by the same order of nuns at the Ladies’ College in Vaucluse, Richmond, and graduated from Sedgley Park College, Manchester, UK after three years of teacher-training, at the age of 24, as a nun. I taught full time and part time for several years. I held groups at my home for metaphysical studies and wrote a regular newsletter, which was, in those days, posted to members. In 2010 I completed Cert IV in Mentoring with the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre.

At one time I became a full-time cleaner of houses, using my body in a way I enjoyed, creating order in my clients’ homes. This tired me in a good way, but I still learned the skill of Swedish Massage, unbeknowingly preparing me for another calling: that of a sex worker, which eventually brought me to profoundly heal my abusive past. When I accepted my first computer as a gift in return for the promise to write my life story, I felt honour-bound to complete it. That took 15 years, but actually it could not have ended before certain life-transforming events changed my entire perspective of the past.

In the end the only questions I will ask myself will be: How much did you love? How much more love is there on the planet because you were here?

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