If you have read God’s Callgirl you know the story of 64 years of my life, and it has been ​ quite a story.

​You would have found it easy to identify yourself with Carla because of the frank revelations of emotions and thoughts that are so common to anyone who has been abused in any way – and who has not suffered some kind of abuse?

​No-one is their story, however. I have matured quite a bit since the book was published in 2004 as I want steadily more out of life. It is ​showing me how generous and magnificent it is.

What hasn’t changed but grown is my desire to be of service in the best way I can and have found this through writing and speaking.

Currently Writing…

After having three books published, one of which (Healing from Abuse) I have withdrawn because I have recognised its inadequacy, I am now writing Saving Jesus from Christianity, and publishing weekly topics related to this work as Gifts of the Spirit.

Writing is part of my service to the evolution of Love. At my age, it’s no longer about most ambitions of a younger self but about giving back to life. In the end the only question will be: How much did you love? How much more love is there on the planet because you were there?

Writing is my meditation. I get in the Zone and wait for the right thoughts and words to arrive through my Higher Mind, since when I write from, let’s say, the lower mind, out comes mainly what looks good but feels awful – even to myself, when I read it later. You might have felt the difference when you read anyone’s work, and you ‘know’ from some place inside whether it originated from a worthwhile place or not, and then you decide whether it’s worth reading. I do the same with videos on Youtube: more and more people are being able to channel these days, and some are wonderfully real and true to Spirit, while others are consciously or unconsciously spouting something else than the truth. Try to feel the difference – it becomes quite easy after a bit of practice.

I feel strongly that the Churches have betrayed Jesus and all of us in the Western, Christian world, through the way that the truth Jesus taught has been twisted and manipulated. I am passionate to do what I can through writing and speaking, to present the Truth as I woken up to it now.

Jesus has quite a few ways of getting his message across these days. It’s wonderful to me to be part of a growing community of pioneers who are finally saying it as it is, sometimes channeling the  words of Jesus directly, and not in a shy language, either, but it seems to me that Jesus is really keen now to get the truth out there so we can manage to save ourselves and our planet. It wasn’t his duty or idea or save us from our sins, he says, “Why should I? I didn’t commit them!” And then he goes on to explain that sin as we understand it, does not exist, but is an entirely detrimental belief entrenched in our consciousness.

Something personal about myself

I have spent four happy years in a smallish unit in Willagee, not far from my two daughters and four grandchildren. One lot of the latter is grown up, the other still only 6 and 9. My siblings all live on the east coast of Australia; I’m in Perth because I love the sun, the light and the relative peace here.

I turned 81 last year, have experienced a health challenge, only to feel better than ever. I live every day with immense gratitude for all the events of my life, which have brought me wisdom over the maturing of time. My aim is to live without grievances of any kind, and to apply Love as the healer to any situation, any belief, and any thought or emotion.

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