Why do I write these Gifts of the Spirit and offer them to anyone who wants to receive them?

That is a fair enough question, and so, I will explain my motivation.

At this late stage of my life, I want to give what I can in gratitude for my life and for the continued learning that is being given me. Ego gives and it loses what it gives. Never so with Spirit.

The Spirit in me wants to extend Itself, and as I say Yes to that, what I write about confirms the same truth in me. I have found this immensely rewarding, also in the sense that the more I give, the more is being revealed to me. It’s the most joyful thing to do for what might be the last year of my life on this earth for a while.

The more I give, the freer I become of ego, at the same time. The joy of that is like a child’s. When I saw a baby smile and glow this morning in absolute delight as we communicated wordlessly – that’s the kind of joy.

I have lived so long in the illusions created by ego. The ego is dedicated to the game of hiding the truth wherever possible! I have lived lives dedicated to confirming ego, being all kinds of expressions of the ego, for the ego. That game is up now, since I finally admitted that none of that was satisfying.

Tasting real Life is good! Shakespeare wrote the truth many years ago, in a sentence that has haunted me since the first time I saw it: Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. To me that means: only judgment of things and events and bodies as either good or bad, makes them so.

What was I to do with this phrase? Was this supposed to make me think all things as good, now? Mind you, that is how some have interpreted that, and it’s a mistake. I couldn’t get this phrase from Shakespeare for the longest time because there’s another side to this, and that is that Life Itself is always good; only the things created by ego mind can be seen as either good or bad by the same mind. Life has always been Good and is Good in all dimensions. Good is. Joy is. All trouble is created by misunderstandings. Misunderstandings are the ego’s playground. Good is only allowed to be called that by ego as long as its opposite is automatically confirmed as bad at the same time! Oh! That’s good! Oh, that’s bad! we say, depending on how we judge the situation from the ego’s standpoint, never from Spirit’s.

The intricate game of ego is absolutely fascinating to me as I unravel its rules. It is the teaching of the Master Jesus (no, not the Jesus in your mind, nor the Jesus of religion, either, which has so seriously misrepresented Who this older brother was and is); Jesus who is now part of a great Consciousness, globally effective, speaking to me through the study of A Course in Miracles, which has made the greatest difference in the shortest amount of time.

I am so happy that nearing the end of this life, I have been inspired to take this book into my hands and follow the course online with David Hoffmeister and Tina Louise Spalding.

It is my joy to share my insights and invite you to also take up the challenge to study this ground-breaking Course of Courses.


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Saving Jesus from Christianity

A  P E R S O N A L   P E R S P E C T I V E I am currently writing.
By Carla van Raay

Leaving behind the half-truthful teachings of the past; introducing the authentic Jesus with messages relevant for our time. Currently being written; regular messages on the topics in this book are available via the Gifts of the Spirit.