Sexuality and Spirituality – how do these two go together?

Sexuality and spirituality are closely linked, and both have been the theme of my entire life.

Sexuality and spirituality can only come together when false concepts around both are cleared up and so allow the wholesomeness of both to shine through.

Spirituality has for a long time been associated with religion and the new age, and I see both as aberrations of spirituality. It needs to be said, because otherwise spirituality is going to continue to have a bad name…!

It’s rather strange that spirituality is having a hard time asserting itself since our very nature is spiritual, and it’s the material part of us that should naturally take second place in our attention as the dense extension of our much lighter self that it is.

Inviting more Light in is what raises the vibration of consciousness. It’s so simple, so profound and also so easy to neglect, because this Light is finer than the light of the sun, being etheric Light, and yet, once again, the sun’s light is only the visible part of this etheric Light.

Lightness of being is inextricably connected to love. How do we feel when we’re in love? Our feet barely touch the ground! Our brains are wrapped in the etheric light produced by the hormones flowing freely from every gland, especially from the pineal and pituitary glands. Our hearts are alive, and the heart chakra open. Our whole body is alive and sensuous.

Spiritual Love is a few keynotes higher than in-loveness, and feels even better! It also activates the pineal and pituitary glands, brightens up every cell in the body, and activates the high-heart centre just above the breast-bone. Its physical equivalent is the thymus, not the heart, and of course the activation of the thymus creates tremendous vibrations of peace, courage and knowing of self as spiritual as its activation in turn opens the higher chakras.

Both consciously breathing in Light – allowing it to flow to the high heart – and choosing to be motivated by unconditional love, activate spirituality and both centre in the Heart.

How does this connect to sexuality, you ask?

Sexual love (“The enthusiasm of the organs for one another” is how I heard it put once) is activated in the sexual centre, the second chakra – the root chakra representing our connectedness to earth and our security centre. Both work well together when the energy of the Heart is involved in sexual love. Both work much less well together when sexual attraction doesn’t activate the heart, and instead activates the ‘what’s in this for me’ kind of motivation for gratification, resulting in people using each other.

There it is in a nutshell and in language that is just my way of saying it.

I hope it makes sense and that it will continue to make sense as I write more blogs and newsletters.

Your comments are always welcome and I promise to respond.

May you always walk in Light and Love!