Sun and moon: a more inspired life

Greetings, I’ve had my head down quite like an introvert, writing to my heart’s content, escaping into the sunshine and my garden now and then. And the moon calls me as well. I was woken up twice in a row at around 3.30 in the morning recently and went outside to sit in its silent beauty. This morning I noticed it setting as the sun was rising, and watched it dip toward the horizon, and I wanted to share my experience of Moon and Sun energies with you.

I am sure we can all feel the difference between the Sun energy and that of the Moon. The Sun’s energy is highly energetic, creative and masculine; the Moon’s energy is inward, nurturing and feminine. Both are immensely beautiful.

As the Sun’s rays begin to dispel the dark of night and rises, its rays awaken the atmosphere in a wondrous way. It is as if invisible angels glide over the surface of the earth, breathing new life into every plant and animal, including human animal bodies. The Life Force at that time is especially strong, lacing the Sun’s light with a special power that fades as the sun rises higher.

I lift my hands to the Sun and breathe in the Light and the Life Force with joy and gratitude: “I greet the Sun to whom we owe all life; I greet the Light and the Life Force, gifts of the Sun; I greet the Earth my mother who lends me my body.” This is how I set up my body and my day to be energetic and inspired.

May you be blessed in every possible way.

Carla van Raay