The clouds of despair

You might be old enough to remember the above words from the song by Simon and Garfunkel (both 77 now) that became one of their most famous hits in 1966: The Sound of Silence.

Darkness of despair and hopelessness seems to be sweeping the world right now.

The question in my mind is this, though: Is the Darkness creating the despair, or is it the other way around? Is, instead, despair creating Darkness? The answer seems to be that both are true, but to me, the first is not so true as to be unavoidable, while the latter is unequivocally true.

Despair, after all, is created by the human mind interpreting a situation to be bad, sad and generally unfixable. A lot of the time it might not even be a situation, exactly, but a pervasive feeling that a low vibration has overcome our emotional self and just can’t be shifted: it seems to be there to stay and all attempts to make it better, fail.

So that’s the experience when Darkness has taken a hold. We’ve all been there, and I’m no stranger to that – and the temptation that comes with it, to indulge the despair. Indulge? You might be angry to read that despair can be ‘indulged in.’ Isn’t despair something to be seen as something that comes upon you like a thief in the night, unawares? Aren’t we victims of despair when we struggle with it?

I could go on for a long time proving how difficult it is to pull yourself out of despair once you get into that quicksand. I’m more interested in solutions, though, since there’s a need for Light to predominate on this planet asap. And that means deciding to stop indulging in hopelessness, despair, low vibration, judgment that something is wrong.

The solution that came to my mind is not an instant fix, but it’s an instant positive action and game-changer. It has the power to change quicksand into solid ground in a few moments. That action is a declaration – using the power of the creative word – to love, accept and forgive no matter what. “I feel this way and I choose to fully and completely love, accept and forgive myself anyway.”

At first, this might feel silly, stupid and even a betrayal of one’s feelings. Yes, we can be so mistakenly convinced by a sinister ego that we should honour the way we feel, that to raise the vibration of a low emotion can feel like a betrayal. As the declaration is repeated, however haltingly, it gathers the energy of truth, of Light, and gradually displaces the darkness.

The ‘declaration’ is part of the Tapping Process, which is worth learning in full. Nick and Jessica Ortner are world experts who generously post several excellent videos on YouTube. However, just to re-iterate those words, in spite of resistance, creates a freedom.

The choice for Love is the most powerful choice whenever there seems to be no way to change any kind of darkness – within oneself or noticed in others or in the world. Judgement creates darkness, so does worry, self-pity and self-hatred.

When a sense of humour returns, then you know that the Sun has broken through the clouds.

When then you get up and get active in the garden, or go for a walk, or do something for somebody else, the momentum of Light streaming in gathers momentum.

We are never victims of the Dark, no matter what shape it takes.

Hello Darkness – I know you well, so well, in fact, that I know how powerless you are against the Light. Choosing Love is choosing Light. “I choose Love” is one of the most powerful affirmations on the planet, whenever a dark thought of any kind comes to visit with an invitation to believe in it.

I Am Light.  I Am Love. I choose to forgive my misunderstandings.

Beauty springing up from the bricks

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