Hardness of Heart vs Love and Peace of Mind:

Connection with the sufferer does not require sadness or distress. Those are the words of Jesus in our troubled times, given to us via one of his channels.

The truth of Love does not result in desperate sorrow. Michel Angelo’s Pieta at the Vatican depicts a grief of loss that Mary never felt. The mother of Jesus did not disconnect from Love, nor from her son, just because he had left his body. 

This Gift of the Spirit depicts a version of the Pieta sculpture made in Slovenia in 1470. Slovenia was often overrun by barbarians from one direction or another and it captures the prevailing mood of a country used to sorrows. In 2020 it is not difficult to find a photo of a mother in a third world country holding a dead, emaciated child. Our hearts go out to her, hopefully knowing that she, and all of us, will eventually recognise God Within and find a way to extend that Love and Peace instead of participating in the consciousness of suffering and constantly returning to it, lifetime after lifetime. 

Death and Sorrow vs Gladness:

The dearly departed have not gone away at all and are forever close to us; they are a breath away and will meet us when we leave our own bodies. What joyful reunions!

Love Does Not Require Suffering.

Feeling sad at someone else’s suffering, or feeling for a situation so that it causes suffering for you, is not necessary. There is no such suffering in the higher realms where the truth of Love reigns. There, you do not feel the disconnection from Love that is the cause of suffering.

Care and compassion do not require tears but a steady abiding in the truth of Love. This Gift contains something to take to heart at this time of death on the planet, although the ego will object and try to assert that a display of sorrow, sighing, tears, and drama, are necessary signs of love.

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