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Love of self was the greatest challenge I had to grapple with as an ex-Catholic. At times I am still thrown by an intrusion of self-ridicule or self-condemnation from an ego heavily indoctrinated by false ideas of wrongness – just being wrong somehow. Luckily, I have the ability to spot this for the lie that it is, and transform the excruciating thought into self-love.

The central message of Jesus was and is about LOVE. That is why he has nothing to do with religion, even though religion has preserved one of his sayings as “Love your neighbour as yourself.” This saying means nothing, of course, if that same religion teaches you to hate yourself, and that is what it has done and still does.

The only harsh words Jesus ever spoke were to those who wanted to impose their rules of behaviour on others. He never uttered a word of condemnation at so-called sinners, at people who were outcasts of society, poor people or people of any kind of gender. Gender intolerance is a specialty of religion. God loves all who are not straight, to paraphrase Pope Francis, “But homosexuality is an intrinsically disordered condition.” Oh well…how nice is that! He was definitely not quoting Jesus there.

Homosexuality has always been with us as we, in our many incarnations, explore what it’s like to have the greatest variety of experiences. These are meant to create tolerance, but alas, we do tend to forget many of our lessons. Passionate artistic expression is positively fostered in the homosexual friends I have known. I have found them to be extraordinarily gentle and generous, and oh, so kind toward women. I could always rely on their listening ear, on help if they could possibly give it. Of course the golden boys were sometimes seduced into wealthy through prostitution – I have known them as well, and they have felt so sad to me, because they were so aware of having sold themselves out – for that car, that house, those art pieces, paintings, gardens, clothes, etc – the  baubles of glamour. They, too, would not find Jesus condemning them. The confusions around sexuality and love are the fruits of religious mis-teachings, and Jesus is interested in introducing the truth around those subjects.

Why Self Love Is So Confused

In a society saturated by Christian ideas, we are hopelessly confused about what love means.

Mention love, and romance comes to mind. It’s only one form of love, and often not even love at all but ‘the enthusiasm of the sexual organs for one another’ as I heard one wise person say. Western love of this kind creates all sorts of insecurities and negative attachments in the partners…Good in a way, because if they’re there inside us, they might as well be activated so they can be transformed! But transformation doesn’t often happen – separation is the more common option, with each party blaming the other and nothing learnt at all.

Love, I am thankful to realise more and more deeply, is the very nature of God, in whom we have our very being. As sparks of Divinity, we, too, are love, but we have deliberately chosen to experiment living life without it.

This is the controversial teaching that is coming from Jesus now, who claims that this is one of the teachings that was deliberately hidden by a church institution whose reason for being would be threatened by the truth.  

The truth is rather sobering, but it makes a lot of sense to me, as it puts several pieces of the puzzle of life together in a recognisable pattern. It is nevertheless extremely strange at first, so I ask you to be patient with your ego, which will rise to the occasion in no uncertain way to throw a spoke in the wheel, because it goes against its established control over your emotional and thinking self.

How about taking on board that we human beings have a very long history, far longer than a few thousand years. That in the very beginning, we wanted to separate from Love to see where that would lead. This very thought lowered our vibration enough to create the material world. Yes, it was human thought power, creative beings as we inevitably are as sparks of Divinity, that created the world. In other words, GOD DID NOT CREATE THE WORLD, WE DID. Our collective thinking and feeling – built on our belief systems – is still creating this world, and our human bodies as well. That is why Caroline Myss’s famous phrase, Our psychology becomes our biology.

When I listened to a transmission from Jesus through Tina Louise Spalding – to me the most trusted channel but far from the only one – he mentioned that the resurrection of the body is nothing new and that we’re doing it all the time! What he was saying is that the material world and our material body is an illusion of a set of powerful shared beliefs, and science is finally coming to the party with that: material reality is photon energy flicking on and off rapidly and endlessly – much like rapidly-projected stills on a screen becoming a movie…We all know how a movie can entrance us by identifying with the characters apparently moving on the screen…Ah! And so, we are resurrecting the body from moment to moment, by virtue of our familiarity with it. Ah, ah!

Jesus also resurrected his body after the death which was his final initiation, but this body was of a finer vibration, and one he could make visible or invisible at will. He’s still doing it: appearing to people all over the world when it is appropriate, but he is not returning to a dense physical body, he has made that clear. His teachings are now coming through the voices of those whose vibrations are clear enough and minds trained enough over lifetimes to be able to fluently focus this way.

Our journey on earth, then, is a journey back to Love, simply and purely. For that we need to first unravel many false beliefs about who we are, about how to think of ourselves with love and without judgment as we also face the myriad of mistakes we have made – the unloving actions of many lives lived in ignorance.

I have found that The Tapping Technique (see Nick Ortner and his wife Jessica as faithful teachers of this method) to be extremely helpful for enabling both self-acceptance and initiating transformation. Witnessing the tragedies of our times for which we are all collectively responsible, I find the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer* deeply effective, and when there is just confusion and nothing clearly comes to mind, I simply CHOOSE LOVE. With choosing Love, comes forgiveness. How good is that.

* The most trustworthy link I could find (avoid those who tell you how to become a millionaire by using it).

Supporting the choice for Love,

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