When will the world end?
Your world, which is like mine but different.
When will the world end?
Because it will, one day.

The end will not be like the beginning, I am sure,
If you remember how it all began.
If you don’t, then never mind just now.
Let Spirit tell us how the world will end.

When there is complete forgiveness,
The need for blame and judgments is all gone,
Then, with it, the need is gone
For a world where this occurs,
For judgment does not occur in Heaven.

When, instead of complaint and not-enoughness
There is full-hearted, joyous gratitude
For all that is,
That’s when a world of hardship will not be needed anymore.

When Love embraces each and every one as equal;
Equally worthy of Love, equally valued by the Creator, then
The world of strife, disparity, and hate
Will not survive its blazing sun’s embrace.

When peace reigns in the heart
With no desire for war or harm to anyone,
This world of strife and conflict will have altogether

When grief and sadness give way to overflowing joy,
This vale of tears will reach its use-by date.
With Truth no longer sacrificed to Illusions,
This world will vanish from our sight.

That’s how the world will end.

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