Currently, there is only one person in the world officially called ‘Your Holiness’ and I think we all know this person to be the Pope, the head of the Catholic Church.

Well, it’s wonderful to recognise a person to be holy, but why is the Pope the only one to be called so, when in fact, every person is holy?   

Mind you, my ego didn’t just lie down and accept this fact. It struggled with me, and I even went to bed to sleep it off; my mind just couldn’t deal with the implications of the statement, You Are Holy brought home to me today by Lesson 299 of A Course in Miracles: Eternal Holiness Abides in Me. (I want to acknowledge the source of my inspiration). Lesson 40, I Am Blessed As a Son of God, is closely related and added to the avalanche of Light that penetrated my mind. “I am blessed as a Son of God; I am happy, peaceful, loving and content” run the words of Jesus here. “Or,” adds Jesus, “I am blessed as a Son of God; I am calm, quiet, assured and confident.” Jesus knows how to choose his words. He cites everything the modern person pays good money for, hoping to get it from resorting to mind trainers, psychologists, as well as smart clothes and training in manners, even training in smiling, as happens in Japan. A popular way is resorting to drugs – prescribed and ‘recreational.’

Our Father

The Pope is also called ‘Our Father,’ – Father of the children of the Faith. ‘Holy Father.’

So is God called “Our Father” – Our Father who art in Heaven. Hallowed (Holy) be Thy Name.

As God’s name is holy, so is the Pope’s. ‘His Holiness.’ ‘Your Holiness.’ ‘Our Father.’

Have you ever considered that every person is holy, and not just the Pope, and not just Jesus?

If the Pope were to argue that he was the only holy one, he’d be wrong.

If he thinks that he is taking the place of God in a way that nobody else does or can, and should on that account be called Holy – well, that is sheer blasphemy. A name exists for the attempt to be a God substitute, and that is Black Magic.

Hello, Your Reverence. Let’s leave it at that today…just accept that YOU and I and ALL OF US are holy, whether we want to acknowledge this or not. Being holy by nature, we can’t even do anything to spoil that. It is the basis for our eternal innocence, in spite of what we, in our mesmerised ignorant state of being human, might believe and do. You and I deserve reverence; my aim is to be reverent to my own being and to the beingness of everyone I meet.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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